An Amazing Demonstration

Gabe gives us a very powerful comparison here regarding the benefits of rotational grazing:

This little section line there is between the two properties. This is ours over here. It really shows, really depicts. I often wonder what these cattle think of on this side of the fence when they look over at ours and see the amount of forage we now have.

I’m going to show this little video on the importance … This also shows the importance of ground cover. It’s showing our rainfall simulator. I don’t know how many of you have seen this. What they did, they pulled soil samples from soils that were … Here they’re pulling them. One was a continually grazed pasture, in other words a set, stock pasture. The other one was from a pasture that was in a good rotation. Then you simulate rainfall on there. These up front are catching the surface runoff.

It’s absolutely amazing when we do this and demonstrate this to producers, How many people don’t think that their grazing strategy or plan has much to do with the water. The other side over here is the pasture that was recovered, shut the water off. Look at the difference in the amount and colour of water between this one was the set stock, this one was the rotationally grazed. Nearly nothing ran off. Then underneath, they have what infiltrated into those trays of soils, that’s infiltrated into the rotationally grazed paddock. That little amount is all that infiltrated where it was set stocked. We’d love to hear your comments.

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4 Responses

  1. There has never been any doubt in my mind about the value of constantly moving stock but having time and money to do it is always the stumbling block

    1. Understood, Jo and some farmers like you just start with 1 small area and build from there when they see the changes.

  2. Scientific back up of what we benefit… yeah,thank-you! that’s wonderful proof to know; instead of neighbours thinking we are understocked or wasteful.

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