Can You Match Or Beat This?

Now I’m going to show a little video here if I can get this to work, of how fast we can infiltrate an inch of water on our operation.
I told you when we started, we could infiltrate a half of an inch per hour.

(Shows video) That was 9 seconds. The team of scientists that were there that fall repeated this test over and over
because they couldn’t believe it.

We could infiltrate the second inch in 16 seconds.

Two inches in 25 seconds.

Twenty years ago we did a half of an inch per hour, and now we can do two inches in 25 seconds,
simply by following the principles of nature.
I didn’t use anything magical, I didn’t buy any potion from the agronomy center.
All I did was grow things.

We can change our soils if we follow nature.


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4 Responses

    1. This is a ridiculous test.The soil looks like American Muck soil which is essentially dry swamp and can be more than 10 feet deep.When it dries, it shrinks and creates a lot of air space in the soil. You can poor on feet of water on deep – dry Muck soil and it just infiltrates. The bucket test is totally meaningless. Water absorbing can be improved on any soil with good aeration and growing greed manure crops to boost organic matter and conversion to humus.Humus is able to absorb and hold a couple of times its own volum in water. If you want to know something about soil health talk to me. Mike Fix

      1. Hi Mike, Thanks for your comments but not sure why you are assuming the state of Gabe’s soil is ‘dry swamp soil’ Gabe is the leading multi-species cropping farmer in the US and has seriously regenerated his degraded soils over the last 20 years. This was one example to show how much has changed in his soils and is just one of a series of tests to show how his soil is functioning much better.

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