Farming in Sandy Soils – Ian & Dianne Haggerty

Ian and Dianne Haggerty have been farming in Western Australia with low rainfall
and sandy soil since 1994.
Their mission is to produce food which is nutrient dense.
This requires increasing the soil health by
increasing soil carbon, maximising water use and nutrient efficiency.

Find out more about Ian and Dianne Haggerty here:

Ian & Dianne Haggerty were also one of the case study participants in the recent
“Soils For Life Forum” that was held on March 16th at Wodonga, VIC.

S4L - Haggerty's with Michael Jeffery
Ian & Dianne Haggerty with Major General Michael Jeffery at the “Soils For Life Forum

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2 Responses

  1. Wow! The Haggertys are creating functioning soil over vast areas, doing more about climate change than anyone I know. May they prosper and multiply their properties.

    1. Yes they are certainly inspiring Bee and have not gone unnoticed by Major General Jeffery who instigated the “Soils For Life” programme to showcase farmers like the Haggerty’s

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