Irreversible Damage of Fracking: The Inside Story

Fracking the PlanetFracking the Planet paper also explains the basic process of fracking, and presents the current state of play across Australia, the US and Europe, including areas currently engaging in fracking, bans and moratoriums, and areas of community resistance. The TPP is the largest trade deal in history and will impact over 800 million people and 40% of the global economy. The TPP is being negotiated in secret, between government representatives and over six hundred corporate insiders who have full access to the TPP text. Citizens across the twelve participating Pacific Rim nations are calling on their governments to act transparently and release the TPP text, reject the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Chapter or withdraw their countries from the negotiations.

Friends of the Earth along with millions of union members are calling on the Government to put workers rights,  human rights and environmental protection before corporate profit.  If this deal is so great for Australia then the Government has nothing to hide and should immediately release the text for public debate and independent review or withdraw from the secret negotiations

There is a very slight chance that this will be not be implemented

Download Fracking the Planet: How the Trans Pacific Partnership will expand fracking in Australia and around the globe’.


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