Homoeopathics, Flower Essences and Herbs
Included in the price of this workshop is a first aid kit of 10 x 25ml homoeopathic remedies. Background information to
help you understand how vibrational remedies work in the body. Dosing most effectively using a variety of dosing
methods for humans, pets, farms, herds of animals. Make a herbal tincture and a homoeopathic remedy from scratch. A
list of herbs, weeds and plants that can be grown easily at home and made into tinctures and homoeopathics, for
prevention and treatment of common ailments in humans or animals.
2014 Workshop Dates: June 28th, August 9th, October 4th


Otherwise known as Kinesiology, Muscle Testing provides a window into what is going on in our mind and body. By
monitoring a muscle to access information, to reveal what is behind physical pain, mental discomfort, disease, allergies.
Muscle Testing can be used for treating animals as well as humans. It gives animals a chance to speak to us when they
otherwise cannot convey where it hurts or how they feel. The workshop covers how to muscle test, understanding how
it works, testing for yourself, testing for animals, testing on behalf of other people and animals by proxy and distance.
2014 Workshop Dates: July 12th, September 6th, November 8th


Prerequisite to this workshop is to have attended the Muscle Testing workshop. Using Muscle Testing as a tool, the
Emotion Release workshop deals with releasing trapped emotions in the body, using the Emotion Code. Emotions can
become trapped within our bodies and cause disease. Likewise they can become trapped in areas of land where there
has been warring, arguments, accidents, suicides or any detrimental and negative activity in an area in the past. Notice
places where stock refuse to stay for any length of time, accident prone areas, patches where vegetation is weak. These
trapped emotions can be cleared using the emotion code.
2014 Workshop Dates: June  14th, July 26th, September 20th


A laid-back day spent in the gentle art of making Native American Dreamcatchers. I learned this art from a friend who is
a Native Alaskan Aleut, on her last annual visit to Oz. The original dreamcatchers were woven by the grandfathers and
grandmothers for newborn children and hung above the cradle to give the infants peaceful, beautiful dreams. They
used natural feathers and semi-precious gemstones to decorate the dreamcatcher – one gemstone to each web because
there is only one creator in the web of life. Good dreams are clear and know the way to the dreamer, descending through
the feathers. Bad dreams cannot find their way through the web and are trapped there until the sun rises and evaporates
them. Materials supplied.
2014 Workshop Dates: August 23rd, October 18th

Contact Jean for more details at

All workshops are held at 15 Harris Road, Korumburra, Victoria
10 am to 3 pm
Pay on the day, Includes vegetarian lunch
Please advise regarding any food allergies

Workshops can be repeated at half price.

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For over 40 years Jean has been practising homeopathy with both humans and animals. She is a great believer in natural remedies and incorporates reiki and foot masssage as well as kinesiology when prescribing remedies for her many clients.
Jean was proud to tell us that she brought up 5 kids using her herbal knowledge on them, and apart from broken bones and a bout of whooping cough during an epidemic, the doctor has been used very little.
Jean’s dispensary has over 450 homoeopathic simplexes; 80 herbal tinctures; nearly 100 flower essences; and 50 essential oils. She has been supplying farmers with homoeopathic formulas for 24 years. Jean’s farming background is with dairy, show horses, sheep, sheep dogs and goats.

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