Dr Elaine Ingham’s Microscope Intensive Online Course

Fast-track Your Learning with 8 lessons in 4 Weeks

That’s right – we have structured the course to give you a balance between fast-track & overwhelm! You will have access to 2 lessons a week over the 4 weeks and each lesson is released with a few days in between. Through a series of video online lessons, Elaine takes us through everything that you will ever need to know on how to use your microscope effectively. We’ve put it together this way so you will quickly get a good overview of all the lessons in front of you but you will also gain the right amount of knowledge in the right amount of time. As it is a self-paced course, once the lesson is released you have ongoing access to it, which means that you can go back at any time and revisit each lesson.

Microscope Intensive Online Course Outline

  • Guide to selecting a Microscope
  • How to set up microscope
  • Parts and functions of a typical microscope
  • Microscope best practice
  • How to collect a soil sample
  • How to look after your microscope
  • Diluting & Preparing Slides
  • How to Focus correctly on your Slide and which magnification to use
  • True bacteria, Actinobacteria,
  • Spirilla, Spirochetes,
  • Anaerobic Bacteria as indicators
  • Decomposer fungi,
  • Mycorrhizal fungi,
  • Diameters, Color
  • Algae, Pollen, Parasites, Microarthropods
  • Protozoa; Flagellates, Amoebae, Ciliates
  • Nematodes; bacterial-feeding, fungal-feeding, predatory, root-feeding
  • Identifying other materials such as cellulose, plant debris, thread, diatom shells, mineral particles.
  • Distinguishing between other materials & organisms
  • Sampling considerations,
  • Replication,
  • Determining diameters, lengths, numbers
A self correcting quiz that will test your skills

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