“There is no leader. There is no captain at the helm. You are it” Why Tombarra? Martin Royds

Martin Royds: ‘Tombarra’ came about after I watched a program by Todd Sampson on how to change your thinking. What happened for me was that so many people like myself have gone and seen people doing great things and then we go back home and we slip back into doing our normal routine. I did that for many years. I used to be of the opinion that chemicals were a great thing, and I had to go through a huge learning process that chemicals poison me, poison the soil, poison my animals, and inadvertently I was poisoning you. Sorry about that. I had a great little program when I used to use a very small amount of chemical and spray the grass as preparation (?) for fat lambs in there to get through to the weeds. Those fat lambs did pass that on to you.

We’ve learned from that and we’re going on….

I watched a great video the other day by Allan Savory and he said, “There is no leader. There is no captain at the helm. You are it”. We select people that we push to the top to represent us, and the Major General has done that as Governor General and in his various roles. We push him up, but it’s our support that gets the leaders in there and it’s all of us making that decision and saying, “Yes, we want a change.” Basically, our politicians listen to a whole lot of people’s opinions and then they follow, and so it’s up to all of us to start saying there is a way, there is a solution, and pushing politicians and the few media people who are still left in their posts to make the change.

That’s basically what I feel ‘Tombarra’ is going to be about in the future.

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