Ways to improve the soil quality in your garden

Soil quality is an important factor if you are a grower, having quality soil improves growth and health of your plants. There are a number of ways to improve your soil quality and must complement each other well. The leading and most effective way to boost soil fertility is by composting.


Composting is recycling organic waste into your garden to improve soil quality, not only does composting reduce household waste which has a positive effect on the environment. Composted materials feed your soil with lots of beneficial microorganisms that break down into the soil over time, providing constant food to your plants.

Crop rotation

Crop rotation is effective at improving soil quality. Crop diversification in your garden is essential to keeping your soil healthy, varieties of plants require different nutrients, rotating crops each season prevents nutrients from being stripped from the soil and keeps a garden active, it’s something smart farmers do.

Encouraging earthworms

If you are already composting, it’s likely that you would already have a high density of earthworms in your soil. Encourages earthworms to help break down organic matter and aerate the soil as they move around. Additionally, worm castings carry huge amounts of beneficial microbes that boost the soil organism community. 

 Having designated garden beds

Having designated garden beds is a great way to be able to move around the garden without treading on things, walking on garden beds compacts soil which destroys tilth and other important organisms. Designated garden beds reduce the maintenance for yourself as it remains contained, and is not in need of a makeover at the begin of the growing season.

Tristan from Sydneygardeners.com.au actually recently put together a piece on “How to improve the soil quality in your garden” We thought it might be relevant to share. It’s packed full of useful tips and information and it will make an excellent additional resource that will further your soil knowledge.



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