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Milkwood Permaculture’s next online permaculture living course is open to join between 
September 14th till 18th 2020. Be Quick!
Only for this next class you can get 10% off for being part of the farming secret community.
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Who is Nick Ritar?

With his partner Kirsten Bradley, Nick Ritar runs Milkwood, offering courses in Permaculture design, urban farming, backyard veggies, natural bee-keeping, gourmet mushroom cultivation, fermented foods, natural building, market gardening and much, much more.

Nick is Milkwood’s primary educator and consultant and is passionate about cultivating community and creating authentic outcomes for students studying permaculture.

Based in southern Tasmania, Nick spends his time growing good food, keeping bees, cultivating mushrooms, teaching permaculture design & advocating for community-scale resilience.

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So Many Thanks!!

Chris Macquet: Thanks very much for a better understanding of permaculture as a way of life!
Meg: Same! Thanks so much everyone. 
So good to spend a bit more time with Nick
Belinda : Thanks Nick and Ray and Farming Secrets , Great session. I appreciated the SMS reminder. Would have missed the webinar with out it.
Karen: Great session-lots of hope and inspiration in challenging times
Celia Leverton: Thanks Nick and Farming Secrets.
Heatherford1: Thanks Nick, great amount of info. Love ya work
Michael Wardle: Thanks Those who put this together.. thanks Nick.. We need to catch up soon
Meg: Nick and Kirsten are two of the most inspirational people on the planet and everyone should do their course.
Skye Rutherford: Thanks Nick, Milkwood and the Farming Secrets team.
The Peter’s: Thanks Nick and the Farming Secrets team.
Sandra Eyles: Thanks Nick. Really enjoyed this session Milkwood rocks! Thanks Farming Secrets
Roslyn Maree: thankyou! moving house this week; moving to permaculture!!!!
3246639123 : Thank you  also replay helpful
Sandra Milner: Thanks Nick . Enjoyed
Liam Hurd: thanks Nick. rockstar
Lou Ridsdale: Always so thoughtful and smart Nick, thank you for another great session, your work is vital and you are a great human.
Meghan: Thank you, fantastic webinar, love permaculture
Alex Childs: Thank you sooo much! I have been following Milkwood on FB  for a while and am so glad that I investigated a little more because it seems to have opened a very lovely door!! 🙂
Jenna Cash: thanks heaps 🙂
damcho thubten: thankyou it was great……take care in covid environements…
Gabrielle:Thank you so much Nick, that was valuable information. I am really looking forward to joining the class. :0
Leanne Davis: Thank you. I appreciate your mentioning the value of Holistic Management and understanding the important aspect of working within your own context.
Sophie Dahm: Thanks so much Nick and Farming Secrets
Kylie – Scotland: Brilliant. Thanks Nick! Great to know more about your experience. I’m keen to know more.
Jeffrey Broadbent: Thankyou Nick.
Chris: Thank you so much for the webinar from Houston Texas, USA
Bella: Thank you so much Nick for this wonderful session! Love what you are doing!
lindymacbookair: Thanks Nick, you’ve really piqued my interest in permaculture.
Jim & Lynn: thank you all
Judi Unger: Fabulous work Nick and Kirsten!
Elissa :Thanks Nick! I’ve done the Milkwood course but enjoyed your history and refresher on thr principles!From Julie
Bodinnar : Thanks Nick that was absolutely we some. and thanks. for making this available
Cheryl Dillon : Thanks Nick. I actually got to understand the main concerns of pc
Gabriel Paiva Lago  : Thank you!
Dave: Love your work – Thanks Nick & H&H&R

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