How to Produce, Market & Regenerate
Your Farm Business All at Your Fingertips

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Julien is the Co-founder of Resyn and is passionate about building the future of local, circular and regenerative economics.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Why Building land resilience is a knowledge and iteration based process.
  • How using appropriate technologies supports local regenerative production systems.
  • How accessible software can simplify and empower local supply businesses.
  • Why collective intelligence of sovereign farmers is the next frontier.

Now is the time to grow your regenerative production and a direct-to-customer business!

Who is Julien Roberge?

Julien is the co-founder of Resyn since 2019 and is a professional engineer and sustainability consultant with 15+ years of experience.

He has worked in energy, ecotourism systems, resources management, and sustainability planning. 

A lifelong autodidact and systems thinker, he realized early on that his traditional studies were not sufficient to tackle foundational problems like the transition to circular and regenerative economies.

What Is the Resyn.Io Platform?

Resyn is a platform to enable local farmers & consumers with smart decisions and direct market access. We provide tools for small-scale farmers worldwide to empower an alternative, regenerative, and decentralized supply chain.

Our vision is to become an ecosystem for sustainable producers and consumers to discover, support, and learn about the production of local, ethical, and sustainable Food, Biomass, Water, and Energy.

Thank You, Julien!

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