About Farming Secrets

Farming Secrets is a global community that people call home for like-minded soil lovers and regenerative farmers working together to heal our soils – and grow fiber, fuel and nutrient-dense food.

Along with co-founders Helen & Hugo Disler, “Regen Ray” Milidoni is now part of the team and has been working with farmers on their regenerative journey, helping them get better results, encouraging them to share and mentor the next generation of farmers making the switch to regenerative farming.

For decades Farming Secrets has been called the glue and the missing link for farmers. Working wIth leading soil mentors they have captured innovative farmers’ secrets on video and shared this knowledge worldwide – empowering farmers everywhere to look at their soil and to help anyone better understand how important it is to keep the soil life alive and thriving.

While the word “regenerative” has become a bit of a buzzword nowadays – its focus is the soil. Farming Secrets has long been at the forefront of educating farmers about soil, but also on natural and more profitable ways to farm, whilst creating awareness in the marketplace about how healthier nutrient-dense food is grown and how to access it. The challenge is getting a good balance between growers and eaters – joining them together.

The great news is that more and more people are catching on to this simple solution, which we call “soil-ution“! That’s right, all the problems that nature presents have a natural-driven solution, and the soil and living plants play a massive role in keeping our planet stable and healthy.

If you are a grower or eater of food, you need to know how soil functions. When you discover the magical world that lives right under our feet, you will realise there is just no way we can keep farming degeneratively. Educating yourself is the best way to accelerate this regeneration movement.

“Regen Ray” and the whole soil loving community is on a mission to heal our soil, bring back the hydration, the wildlife, and the diversity that once thrived – but more importantly bring back the community around these regions. As humans we need a strong connection to community. Farming Secrets is the starting point to that community for farmers and people everywhere to regenerate abundance.

Will you be part of the soil-ution? Let’s regenerate together! 

The Roots of Farming Secrets and Soil Regeneration

1967 – Hugo Started Greenfields – and the Legacy of Helping Farmers

Greenfields was a farm supply store which expanded quickly – and it was here we met 1000s of farmers, gardeners and animal owners – all sharing and seeking ways to farm better. Hugo would be helping farmers who usually had some sort of foliage or insects problem. Most solutions were poison chemical based. Helen was just horrified and said to Hugo that "we can’t sell this sort of stuff that goes on our food!"

At that point we had to find something better for farmers. Farmers at this time actually did not seem unhappy using all the chemicals. It was the new way of farming. Lots of inputs! They didn’t even protect themselves when spraying – and what we found out later was that farmers become sick using these products, and in particular we were shocked to hear of an orchardist who developed a critical heart condition.

1981 – We Sought a More Natural Approach to Farming

We became very keen to find less harmful products for farmers, we discovered Pat Coleby’s book titled “Farming Naturally and Organic Animal Care.” in 1981. We realized from our farmers that farmers can farm successfully without chemicals. The staff were originally resistant to sell any alternative to mainstream NPK fertilisers.

To encourage staff to sell the natural products he changed the layout of the store to highlight the natural products. It was funny to see the staff sell the products at the drive thru which hugo designed to be the natural ones.

1988 – We Started a Vitec Agency

We decided to become a stockiest for Vitec. We found the Vitec products gave better results and reduced costs enormously for farmers. At field days we met all types of farmers and heard their many success stories. So we were really excited about the future of farming without chemicals.

Biological farming has all-around benefits for the soil; the plants; the animals and the farmer. After 30 years of selling conventional farming supplies, we sold Greenfields and in 1996, we loved Vitec products so much that we bought Vitec company and we became members of BFA and NASAA who certified our products.

1988–2006 – Grew Vitec and went to 1000s of Farming Field Days

Over the years of running Greenfields and Vitec we went to 1000s of field days and met farmer after farmer who were growing food, feed and fibre but who had little understanding the importance of their soils. Even farmers who had degrees in agriculture had little knowledge on soil biology & how healthy soil functions.

On the flip side we also met a smaller group of farmers who loved Vitec and aligned with our natural way of farming. Many of these passionate farmers were experimenting with new ideas and methods such as worm teas, composts and covercropping which made them excited about farming again. We noticed that they felt better because they were building healthy soils which lead to less problems with pests and weeds.

It was at this point seeing the gap between natural farming and the lack of education that inspired up to launch an education company called Farming Secrets.

2006 – The Birth of Farming Secrets

In 2006, Farming Secrets was established and we started to film successful farmers who had made the change to natural farming. We were passionate to show other farmers that they too could farm this way.

We started the Farming Secrets Club and Network for farmers who were seeking change. There was no internet like today so in order to share the knowledge globally we produced DVDs & Audio CDs and shipped them to our members and other like minded farmers all over the world to inspire them to farm without chemicals.

We started this club where our members got access to all our filming and also got access to listening, to interviews with people we filmed. There was no Zoom in 2006 so we used any technolagy like tele-concerance to connect farmers together. We even used fax machines to get news to farmers and receive orders.

2007 to 2016 – Farming Secrets Goes Online and in Demand Worldwide

As the years progressed more and more farmers were becoming connected to the internet. This meant that our information could now reach more people all over the world so we start moving many parts of our business online.

We were early adopters of technology and so we decided to start loading videos onto YouTube and see what happens. To our surprise, farmers wanted more so we launched our first digital members-only website and farmers loved being connected with each other from all parts of the world.

We even launched our Farming Secrets Digest which was a print newsletter that we sent to members via fax or post. We did what ever we could to share the natural way of farming to the many farmers looking for a better way to run their farm.

2017 – Farming Secrets Goes All-in Online – and into the Future

In 2017, as we were launching more online courses we were introduced to Ray Milidoni, after a few chats we knew we had a lot in common and working together would open new ideas for further our digital business.

Ray had a passion for education and making an impact, we worked together on a project per project bases and together got many of our online courses online and launched. We also updated the online member's website which we now call "The Circle Members Website"

What started as a task by task project lead into a few days a week project and to what happened in late 2019.

2019 – The Future-Proof Plan for Farmers and Soil Lovers Everywhere

In late 2019 and early 2020 we really needed to start thinking about what Farming Secrets legacy will look like for future generations. This led up to thinking about our succession plan and deciding to partner with Ray Milidoni to carry the Farming Secrets company into the future! 

In the video we discuss the journey working with Ray Milidoni and what exciting times to look forward to as we plan for Beyond 2020!

We are exciting to see what new innovations we can bring to the Farming Secrets soil lovers community & Circle Members.

In 2020 as COVID affected our post services, we decided to convert all our DVD programs to online digital downloads, making Farming Secrets 100% digital. Very exciting!

why we share our farming secrets

Farming Secrets supports farmers who are seeking how to take the steps to healthier farming. Over the many years of working with successful farmers and learning from world renowned experts, Farming Secrets has acquired information over a wide range of farming systems that work. Through the generosity of others willing to be filmed and share their knowledge, this information is now allowing farmers to farm with more profits and with more confidence. Farmers are getting back control of their farm by knowing that the choices they make are going to take little to implement and will take the farm forward.

Modern farming or Industrial farming which has become popular since 1945 is run in the main by massive vested interests – interests that make money from goods sold to farmers. For a long time through mainstream media farmers have been led to believe that these various products are indispensable for maintaining and improving yields and for reducing problems such as pests, weeds and diseases. In fact a farmer is told that the only way to stay profitable is to keep using these products. However there is now growing evidence that the modern industrial farming model progressively, since its inception, is reducing farmers’ net income as costs sneak up at a greater rate than the prices farmers are getting for their produce taking inflation into account. It’s evident farmers no longer can support their families. Family members are getting off farm jobs. Farmers can no longer afford a farm hand if they can find one!

Farmers now have to get bigger returns to do more with their resources e.g. where they could make ends meet with 1,000 sheep now they need 3,000 sheep to get the same net worth from the sheep to keep a farm going. Farmers are reporting that the inputs to grow a crop are getting disproportionately higher. They have to work bigger areas, buy bigger machines. Farmers are telling us that it’s costing more to keep their stock in good health. They are giving them more drenches, more aids then what they were 20 to 30 years ago – and in many cases the stock are no better. In fact, they say they are getting more tail enders, stock that they haven’t been able to finish off in time for the market window.

Hugo and Helen Disler with Farming Secrets have successfully reversed the plight of farmers. Their clients have increased net profits on the same farm. Past and persistent problems have eased or gone away, while their clients are happier farmers. There is nothing worse to a farmer than failed crops, lower than expected yield or sick and/or dead stock. It’s very stressful. Farming Secrets shares the secrets to turning it around.

Taking the Farming Secrets approach you get more good things happening

What we are proposing to farmers is not altogether new but it’s been hidden from farmers. Modern industrial farming has offered quick fixes, but often with hidden extra costs. So the quick remedy often becomes quite expensive.

Question: Why haven’t the farmers heard your message before?

We and other like-minded people have now got a number of farmers in all districts who can be witnessed to have achieved better more profitable and more joyful farming. So the results are out there now

Question: What is stopping farmers making the change to Regenerative Farming?

Industrial farming is a well oiled machine or treadmill. Farmers and people in general have been taught to trust others. We have trusted our parents, we have trusted our teachers we even trust authority police and political leaders, more importantly we trust our education system especially the rural education system. The education system that exists in the current system in rural university and rural colleges is in fact heavily weighted towards industrial farming and increasingly funded by commercial interests. So the farmer gets information from the rural institutes from consultants trained by the rural institutes and even from their own children who have been sent to their rural teaching bodies only to get one version of farming the industrial model – the model that is for the quick cures and quick fixes to the farmers’ problems. This approach in the main does not work over time as it does not look at what causes the problem.

For example cropping farmers may spray for weeds only one, two or three times whereas our more advanced farmers do not spray at all. The presence of weeds is not the result of lack of weedicide; their presence is evidence that there is something wrong in the soil.

Our farmers will fix up the “something wrong in the soil” to get a weed free crop. Funnily enough fixing up “there is something out of kilter in the soil” is far cheaper than using weedicide. We have farmers who are ahead in the first year. This is just one example of how at Farming Secrets we use scientific and practical research and existing farmer knowledge and their practice to study and work with nature. It’s the process of understanding how nature works in embracing the process where the hidden profits for farmers are. There are farmers in every country who are benefiting from working with nature’s forces.

At Farming Secrets we have been studying this for over 40 years and have developed some remarkable easy to implement and cost effective methods that make farming more profitable and more enjoyable. No farmer wants sick crops or sick stock and then has to try to patch up the sick stuff with remedies.

meet the Farming secrets' team

Helen & Hugo Disler, Co-Founders of Farming Secrets

Hugo and Helen are passionate to support farmers to farm without chemicals. They started Farming Secrets with the vision to film successful farmers and experts sharing their knowledge on how to grow a healthy soil with less stress, less inputs but with more profits. The result? Happy farmers producing nutrient rich food for all and building a viable farm for future generations.

Hugo and Helen have successfully helped their clients increased net profits on the same farm. Past persistent problems have eased or gone away and their clients are happier farmers. There is nothing worse to a farmer than failed crops, lower than expected yield or sick and/or dead stock. It’s very stressful.

Bella Sabayton, Social & Community Support

She's our Regen Rockstar, born and raised by a native farmer. She learned the benefits of natural produce at a very young age. She knew that any product of hard work and team effort tastes a lot better than the rest. This vital lesson led her to lend a helping hand whenever needed. An ultimate eco warrior who is humbly passionate about helping others and loves music.

Gel Manalastas,
Web Developer

When something isn't working - she's our gal, our Website Tinker. She fixes and update our website, finding solutions and figuring out how to overcome challenges - this is what she does best. She loves learning and fascinated with the science in nature. She has a little garden and few chickens and ducks in the backyard, giving them all-natural, organic, pastured eggs everyday.

Soil is global and so is Farming Secrets
Our community & mentors are from all parts of the world 🌍
all working together 🐝 for healthy soils 🌿

Hugo Disler’s farming approach surprises those who are used to a more traditional farming style – but soon benefits those who act on his advice!

Hugo has become a mentor to many farmers with the benefit of his vast experience and the attitude that one should never stop honing their skills. He says he will continue to be a student of farming for the rest of his life. Although his innovative style of farming knowledge surprises those who are used to a more traditional farming practices, those who incorporate the essentials of his strategies soon profit in farming. He has spent what many would consider to be a fortune on expanding his knowledge, regularly travelling the country to rub shoulders with the most respected and successful authorities in ground-breaking farming.

Talking Soil With Hugo
20+ years on & Hugo is still sharing the vision

Helen and Hugo now share their journey with others as mentors into the Farming Secrets community. 


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