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Farming Secrets is a club for farmers who are frustrated with the lack of results and the growing problems and costs of farming and can sense there are better ways. These farmers have heard of other farmers doing better. They are seeing new problems that they didn’t have years ago.

Farming Secrets puts the farmer first in solving these costly problems and provides information for farmers so they can change to using more natural healthy products.

The farmer can farm with more net profit and enjoy the lifestyle that he deserves.

Farming Secrets is unique!  Farming Secrets goes on farm with an expert or adviser to look at various natural/ biological ways of farming.

1. Specific farmers are chosen who are successfully farming without the use of or reduced use of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

2. Each farm walk reveals the problems they were facing.

3. The farm walk reveals the practices they are now using and are doing to make the change to more natural ways.

4. It reveals how the use of natural products has often outperformed the use of conventional products to give farmers greater profits and satisfaction in farming.

5. It provides independent information so farmers can produce outstanding results.

To get independent information that has proven to increase net returns on farms.

1.Farming Secrets has seen many extraordinary and outstanding results on farms.

2.Farming Secrets information can fast track you to similar results.

3.Listening to Farming Secrets is a good idea but it’s more convincing to see results achieved by real farmers for yourself. See and hear these farmers for yourself.

4.To hear directly from experts and specialists who share their specific field of expertise.

Yes. We have experts in nearly all types of farming activities.

This ranges from all livestock to any form of farming that grows plants including turf, sports fields, golf courses and flowers.

1. Scientific information

  • Expert knowledge
  • See what other successful farmers have done.

2. Get mentoring – support – confidence to take on natural farming practices that are proven to get better profits than your industries average.

3. It reveals hidden information that addresses the cause of the problem so that costly remedy products are reduced or eliminated.

4. You save on inputs.

5. Networking with like-minded farmers

6. Exposure to markets

You pay only a small amount in return for the valuable information you will receive.

The cost involved is an investment as you will save money through increased productivity and/or reduced cost of inputs.

Farming Secrets is an independent body and your membership fee goes towards filming, editing, producing Films, CDs, transcripts, manuals, and to cover the costs involved with running an office and maintaining the latest cutting edge membership site for you.

(And we have to eat occasionally!)

Quick answer, it’s about knowledge and trust.

1. There is an entrenched farming belief or culture that is promoted to farmers by various influential means – usually vested interests – that the conventional way of farming is the only way to increase productivity and to stay farming.

2. The traditional culture has farmers accept problems as a way of farming life.

3. The traditional culture accepts commercial remedies to fix the problems and says that you can’t farm without these remedies or you will go broke.

4. It’s all about mind change.

5. Farming Secrets will introduce you to farmers that have broken away from the traditional cultures and practices with outstanding results.

6 .Farming Secrets show you farmers who have broken away from the conventional model and have improved their income substantially and swear they will never go back to the conventional methods.

7. However with the escalating costs of fertilisers, chemicals and fuel many farmers are looking for change to survive. The swing to natural or biological farming methods is gaining rapid momentum as more farmers see it working, the logic behind it and the science behind it. It has become the biggest growth sector in farming worldwide.

1. Using natural methods the soil will hold more moisture.

2. Using natural methods plants can survive and be productive with up to 70% less water usage.

Natural farming is using products and methods in tune with nature’s natural occurring principles.

1. You select products which don’t upset nature’s process.

2. Farming Secrets reveals how to work with nature to reduce or eliminate chemicals or synthetic fertilisers while at the same time to increase production and/or profits.

Natural earth minerals in many forms, plant and animal derived products.

Absolutely. Supermarkets cannot get enough of this type of produce and are willing to pay a premium. World demand far outstrips availability. We will show you serious farms that each cover thousands of hectares.

If you have no control of the soil and cannot change the management program, you can either lease other land, get the owner to join the ‘Farming Secrets Club’, learn about low cost inputs to improve the soil yourself and you can provide minerals for your livestock. We show farmers how to do this and who have far healthier livestock with far less problems.

1. Farming Secrets will show you how many farmers are farming more profitably than before with reduced or no chemical input.

2. Farming Secrets will show you how farmers do not lose income while changing.

3. The changes can be gradual on a try and see what works for you basis.

Farming Secrets will show you how many farmers are successfully farming without the use of weedicides in field crops, pasture and in horticulture. They also avoid the damaging effects of weedicides and save money.

Pests and diseases only attack unhealthy plants. A healthy plant needs little or no chemical remedies. Farming Secrets will show you how to grow crops that are healthy and will resist insect and fungal attack .

A healthy crop is one that grows with no problems and provides healthy profits. Healthy crops are nutrient dense.

1. You can trial certain things on a small scale.

2. You can duplicate already proven successful formulas that is a copy of another farmer’s program

Mostly you will get more for your produce and often more produce.

1. Cost of production often decreases.

2. Many side benefits add to profitability.

That’s up to you as it depends on how soon and how quickly you decide to act.

1. You can implement small easy steps that increase your profit quite quickly.

2. No way is right or wrong as you can go at it full bore or you can feel your way.

You have the information to farm the way you are farming now. Mostly it covers practices that heavily rely on costly commercial remedy products. This is what is known as a band aid approach.

1. The information Farming Secrets provides is getting to the cause of the problem so that many remedies are no longer required.

2. As there is no money for large commercial interests to focus on the cause it leaves a huge gap in the information bank. Farming Secrets reveals what is in this huge missing gap.

3. Farming Secrets will select the concise information that you are looking for. This alone will save you many hours of research and remove uncertainty in your decision making.

Farming Secrets has spent decades looking at what successful farmers have been doing.

We provide information, techniques and evidence that there are other more profitable ways of farming. Remember we live in a very commercial world. The information farmers predominantly get focuses on costly commercial remedies.

1. Government Bodies? Who are directed by the political parties who are funded often by large multinationals often with vested interests.

2. Educational Bodies? Whose research funds and grants once again are funded by government or large corporations.

3. Scientists? Whose funding is restricted to fall within the needs of the funding corporation and on behalf of the institute who employs them. Furthermore the results will be vetted before release for publication.

4. Agronomists? Who have been trained in the institutions funded by government etc.

5. Company Representatives? Who have an obvious vested interest in the products they sell.

6. Local Farmer’s Group? Who often follow the advice of any of the above.

7. Speakers? This is usually the richest source of new ideas for farmers when the speaker presents an independent line of specialised knowledge.

8. Yourself? When you discover what to observe what is happening on your farm and how to use those observations then you can truly choose the future directions of your farm. When you keep a record of those observations a whole farm history will be there for generations to follow

Yes and No. You can make small changes and you can make big changes. The choice is yours. You can learn heaps or you can put simple steps into place. Farming Secrets makes it easy for you and the results are enjoyable.

Also Farming Secrets covers what successful farmers are doing over a wide spectrum of farming activities.

There is lots of information readily available. The problem is spending the time and the money

to find the information and then to get a basic understanding of what needs to be done. Then to put it all together into a coherent program that you can apply for yourself.

How do we know this? Because it took us thousands of hours to do just that. No one had done all the work for us, so we had to do it ourselves. It is a slow and arduous process.

So why join our program? Because we have done all the hard work for you. We give you practical, step by step, sequential information that is simple to understand, so that you can apply it immediately and begin reaping the benefits.

And for ‘Farming Secrets Gold Club’ members you have .available 4 x 30 minute consultations, plus 4 x Q and A days PLUS access to the Farming Secrets Slack Group where you can exchange ideas with other members

It would make your advisor’s job more rewarding if you are familiar with more options. After all, your advisor wants you to win. He may have overlooked something or simply not be aware of some facts or developments.

There are often a number of approaches that are valid. It is great to have your own advisor plus access to other specialists, experts and successful farmers in your field of farming.

We will send you easy step-by-step instructions for joining a conference call. You do not need a special phone.

If you are online it will cost you nothing as we use an online conference facility. If you can’t join the call you can listen to it online afterwards. We will also send you your own copy.

The ‘Walk the Talk’ Film is the farm walk that we make and we will be uploading it onto a special members only access.

Our Farming Secrets Double Guarantee is for real. Firstly we offer a Zero Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee to give you the confidence to give us a go. We realize that you may not know us and on that basis may not think that you’ll get value from your ‘Farming Secrets Club’ Membership. So the only way for you to find out is to join and see for yourself without any risk to you.

You have 365 days to try it out for yourself. In the unlikely event that you are not positively over the moon with the results from working with us, we will return your money. All we ask that you have given it a go. Our second guarantee to you is that you can keep all the Farming Secrets Films, CDs and other materials that we have sent to you. This is our way of really thanking you for trusting us.

The answer is simple. The secret of healthy and profitable farming ultimately lies in the soil. All farmers who use the soil face the same problems no matter what the soil is like. We also work with hydroponic growers.

This is not what we offer. However you may make arrangements independently with one of our team or ask if we can locate someone for you.

Yes. You can apply this information to every type of farm because the program is practical and contains simple strategies for improving your productivity and profits.

That’s OK and we understand. We know that farmers work long and hard and don’t have a lot of spare time! But have a think about it. We are here to make your day easier and to remove the stress that you have. Don’t you deserve a break? Don’t you deserve to make a profit so that you do have time to relax, to spoil your partner, your family any time you want without having to worry about the cost? Start imagining what it would be like if you did have more time at the end of the day. Farming Secrets have farmers falling in love with their farming again.

Compared to what?

Anyway, for most farmers just a small bump in the productivity or profitability would more than cover your investment. For a lot of you just one or maybe two new ideas you wouldn’t get otherwise is enough.

Just ONE idea maybe all it takes for you to experience massive GROWTH. Just ONE off the cuff remark may BOOST your income to new heights of excess. And we’ve got regular new information from walks, teleconferences and emails coming in every few days.

We truly believe that you can NOT afford NOT to join.


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