Cover cropping: the best method for soil, and the worst for weeds, pests and diseases

For those who aren’t aware, cover cropping is a highly effective method for preventing soil erosion and maintaining high quality soil and moisture levels in farming. It also allows you to farm off-season crops. There are many cover crops benefits, and multi cropping can do wonders for a farm’s soil.

It’s no secret that soil erosion has a terrible effect on an agroecosystem’s ability to produce quality food, and the main function of cover crops is to prevent this from happening by shielding the surface of the soil from the impact of heavy raindrops and preventing erosive runoff and violent splashing. With cover crops, the water from rainfall can steadily trickle down through the soil in a controlled manner, allowing crops to flourish.

While crops need water to grow, too much water will hinder the soil’s capacity to grow healthy food, and erosion of soil causes water to drain off-field and potentially damage waterways and other ecosystems downstream.

Enjoy healthier-growing food without the use of chemicals, through cover cropping

Crop root networks are also extremely useful for literally holding the soil in place. By preventing soil erosion, farmers can better manage the soil’s fertility and nutrient levels, which means healthier growing food without the use of chemicals.

Perhaps one of the most limiting nutrients in the production of crops is nitrogen, which cover crops (or “green manure”) can do an exceptional job of managing, and keep the soil rich with the appropriate nutrients for a number of years.

Cover crops also protect against weeds, pests and diseases.

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