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Since its inception in Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka’s 1975 book “The One-Straw Revolution”, natural farming (sometimes referred to as “do-nothing farming”) has evolved and adapted as various experienced farmers and agriculture experts come up with new, innovative ways to farm without the use of chemicals.

Essentially though, natural farming is to grow crops without fertiliser, pesticides, herbicides, tillage, weeding or even pruning – hence the term “do nothing”. It’s not that the farmer isn’t working; it’s that the farmer isn’t interfering with the crops in regards to chemical substances or even tampering with the growth.

No fertilizer, pesticide, tillage, weeding or pruning – farming with nature

The idea behind the original concept of natural farming is quite simple – observe the conditions of the local ecosystem, and mimic nature. Rather than heavily relying on outside nutrients and artificial chemicals, many of which need to be imported in bulk, Fukuoka’s argument was to simply harness the energy of the local environment in order to grow nutrient-rich foods.

When done properly, natural farming avoids water pollution, prevents loss of biodiversity and halts soil erosion – all of this, without sacrificing the output of food.

One of the prime benefits of adopting this approach to natural farming is that there is far less back-breaking physical labour for the farmer, as there is no plowing or other labour-intensive activity involved.

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For farmers interested in implementing natural farming methods, Fukuoka’s principles are an excellent place to start. Our free resources page is home to a whole host of useful information from highly experienced farmers and agriculture experts who not only highlight the importance of natural farming, but demonstrate step-by-step how to turn your farm into a completely organic, chemical-free farm that enjoys a high level of food output.

At Farming Secrets, we also offer a selection of in-depth natural and sustainable farming courses that you can do completely online, in order to learn healthier and beneficial alternatives to using chemical fertilizer and other invasive substances on crops that can affect consumers’ health and cause illnesses down the line as a result of digesting hazardous chemicals used in farming.

Similarly, our online store has various natural farming books and Films written and compiled by knowledgeable farming experts available for purchase that can act as an indispensable tool for becoming a successful natural farmer.

For all the information you need on sustainable, organic agriculture practices, Farming Secrets has got you covered.

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