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Dr Arden Andersen
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Mentorship Topic: Biological Farming

Who is Dr. Arden Andersen?

Dr. Arden Andersen is a respected teacher, consultant and physician, with work based in the field of sustainable agriculture. As a world renowned influence in biological farming, Arden is well versed in the connectedness of soil and plant balance, as well as output superiority.

He is the author of three well known publications specializing in spreading the awareness and necessity for the practice of healthy eating and wholesome farming practices, including: “Science in Agriculture”, “Real Medicine, Real Health” and “Anatomy of Life and Energy in Agriculture”.

He aims to raise awareness in natural soil fertilization and the natural maintenance of agriculture worldwide, to ensure healthier futures of the human race. While he reiterates the importance of these key tools for health and agriculture, Arden also pushes to maintain the management of soils, crops and animals in a productive, profitable and economically sustainable way.

“Real Medicine, Real Health” particularly addresses his contention and his passion for the nourishment and sustained treatment of farming practices and lifestyle improvements.

“Good nutrition comes back to agriculture and the way our foods are grown. Western farming systems have raped the soils, depleted the minerals, and compromised our food resources. Real medicine must start with the patient’s diet and ultimately the nutrition on the far.”

Arden is a leading advisor in natural health remedies and his substantial input to the industry of sustainable farming and maintenance of ecological soil and crop management.

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About this Film “Producing Food As If It Mattered”

This Film is a 1 day soils and agronomy course that shows YOU the costly and unnecessary problems caused by conventional farming practices. These problems can easily be avoided by embracing biological farming practices. Assurance and confidence that biological or sustainable farming practices not only work, they work better than conventional practices. The world market is demanding cleaner, healthier, more sustainable, tastier food
Some basic science principles, key grower practices and concepts that will empower YOU to successfully grow sustainably, biologically, ecologically and profitably.


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