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Who is Bruce Davison?

Bruce Davison of Candelo Salers which is a ‘Beef Only’ grazing property owned and operated by Bruce and Heidi Davison. The farm is on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, in the Bega Valley. They breed Salers-Angus composite cattle and have a few black poled Salers purebreds.

The cattle are pasture fed only, rotationally grazed and they use low-stress cattle handling methods. Their cattle are robust and quiet, are hormone growth promotant free and are anti-biotic free.

Bruce is keen on composting worms which quickly and efficiently turn cow manure and other organic waste into worm castings at almost no cost. He says that they work 24 hours a day 7 days a week requiring only food and water in return.

Bruce is not an expert in any field and does not have a university education. I am however an enquiring farmer, he says. His curiosity has led him to be one of the few farmers who managed the recent drought with cattle in good health by feeding his farm regularly with worm juice which has increased plant brix levels and put carbon in the soil.

Unique to Farming Secrets is his Film “Amazing Results From Composting With Worms

Bruce Davison – Amazing Results From Composting With Worms

Includes a phone consult

This Fast Track Film is all about worms!

Bruce gives Hugo an overview of the rundown state of his farm when he arrived. It looked alright but soon was overrun with African Lovegrass and blackberries indicating an acidic soil.

Bruce did not follow the practice of poisoning and burning but instead turned to worms! The result was feed throughout a long drought at a very low cost.

Bruce then shows David Davidson his worm farms and they reveal how they grow worms, feed worms, harvest worms and finally apply the worm products to the paddock. Lots of handy tips along the way.

Dr. Maarten Stapper joins the discussion which includes the amazing benefits of worms and the work that they do including getting rid of heavy metals


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