ABOUT Bruce Maynard

Company: STRESS FREE stockmanship
Mentorship Topic: No Kill Cropping, Pasture Cropping & Stress Free Stockmanship

Who is Bruce Maynard?

Bruce is one of Australia’s leading Agricultural innovators. Over 30 years he has pioneered the fields of No Kill Cropping, Stress Free Stockmanship, Self Herding and Grassland Grain. Implementing on his own farm as well as supporting landholders across Australia he continues to extend constructive practices for local communities and landscapes that have global impacts.

He invented No Kill Cropping as a response to the current and emerging challenges unique to Australian farming. No Kill Cropping and Pasture Cropping are systems that grow crops within grasslands rather than replacing grasslands as conventional systems do. The methods are adaptable and resilient, providing profitable production whilst slashing inputs and, therefore, risk.  Bruce has also developed Stress Free Stockmanship, an approach that changes the interactions between people, animals and the landscape. It is more than animal handling, but a way to enable animals to initiate new, learned behaviours that positively impact people and landscapes.

Website: stressfreestockmanship.com.au


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