ABOUT Judi Unger

Company: Waratah Homestead Organics
Mentorship Topic: Organic & Biodynamic Farming

Who is Judi Unger?

My husband, Ray and I have been farming and gardening regeneratively for over 30 years. We operate a broadacre, dryland, mixed farming enterprise north west of Peak Hill in Central NSW. In 1994 we decided to go ‘cold turkey’ on the use of chemicals and synthetic fertilisers and adopt an organic and biodynamic approach to our farming and gardening practices to regenerate our soils and grow healthy stock, cereal grains, pastures and fruit and vegetables (for our family).

Following 3 years of crippling drought, we were able to maintain our self-replacing flock of merino sheep/lambs and our poll hereford cattle breeding herd, by using our own fodder reserves during this time. When the drought broke in early 2020 our main aim was to build up our hay and grain reserves, recover financially from the drought, to repair our soils and health of our stock and to drought proof our farm again.

With a slightly above average rainfall during 2020, deep ripping paddocks with a Yeoman’s implement to allow deep penetration of water, applying BD 500 and preps as a seed dressing and increasing our cropping and pasture program, plus implementing many other strategies, we produced high quality and high protein grains, refilled silos and haysheds. A bumper year!


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