ABOUT Marieke Rodenstein

Company: The Nutrition Practice
Mentorship Topic: Health & Nutritional Assessments

Who is Marieke Rodenstein?

Marieke is a Holistic Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner with extensive knowledge and over 15 years of experience in her field. She has worked as a dietitian in the Netherlands, India, and Sydney and has run her private practice in Melbourne for the past 8 years. As an advocate of traditional and organic food, Marieke is passionate about educating and helping others to achieve and maintain better health and ultimately to help us leave a legacy of better health for our future generations.


All Diseases Begin In The Gut

The good bacteria also play a very important role in detoxification. They’re like the garbage trucks of the gut. They go through, pick up all the rubbish, and then shunt it out through the faeces.

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How Can We Actually Change The Gut?

There’s a very strong connection between the gut and the brain, we call that the gut-brain axis. This is a little bit more about that gut-brain connection. Now, the developing brain of infants…

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How Did Marieke Get Involved In Health?

Marieke Rodenste is a holistic dietitian and nutritionist, and she got into the field because of her own health issues. As a teenager she was an elite level distance runner and triathlete, and she dutifully followed…

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