ABOUT Martin Williams

Company: Nyngan Seed Graders
Mentorship Topic: Regenerative Farming

Who Is Martin Williams?

Martin is the owner and operator of Nyngan Seed Graders in New South Wales, Australia. 

He’s been hanging around the Regenerative Agriculture space for 20 years which they used to call it Biological Agriculture back in early days. Martin always look on the big picture and one of of the conclusion is got to do with regenerative agriculture.

He believes that the real transition happens in our head. If you don’t transition in your head you’ll never transition anything on
 the farm.

The paradigm shift is from “kill kill kill” agriculture to “live live live” agriculture and till you make that shift in your head that its live live live and not kill kill kill you have not transitioned to regenerative agriculture and in order to move to regenerative we must be moving away from degenerative and that is pretty easy to measure. Some of the Allan Savory stuff is about the desertification.

If you are reducing diversity and killing soil health that’s degenerative.

To prove that you are regenerative you’ve got to think about carbon and increase diversity, that’s the paradigm shift. – That’s the transition.


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