ABOUT Nicole Masters

Company: Integrity Soils
Mentorship Topic: Biological & Regenerative Farming

Who is Nicole Masters?

The director of Integrity Soils is Nicole Masters, a social ecologist, systems thinker and a qualified educator.

Nicole has been involved in the biological agriculture industry since 2000 AD.

Nicole is passionate about putting control back into farmers’ hands in regards to nutrients and soil, crop and animal management. The outcomes from adopting a ‘soils first’ approach have positive repercussions for both human and environmental health. At the end of the day, farming is all about producing food. Nicole aims to support farmer learning;
to ensure the food quality produced is the best in the world now and into the future.

Unique to Farming Secrets is her Film “Living Soils – Nutrisoil Open Day 2011

Living Soils – Nutrisoil Open Day 2011

Presentations from Dr Christine Jones, Nicole Masters & Graeme Hand.

Comments from attendees:
– Rewarding & informative.
– Too much to take in in 1 day
– Graeme Hand’s grazing management talk very useful, especially how long he suggests rest periods ie. 150 days
– Liquid carbon pathway through microbial bridge particularly interesting. Why aren’t we all doing it?
– Changed our pasture management since the day.
– Another “not to be missed” Open Day
– I have been studying the biological approach for the last 18 years and been implementing. Still picking up tips from your speakers


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