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Who is Pat Coleby?

In 1959, Pat arrived in Australia with her husband and three children all under the age of three and a fourth one on its way. It’s been since then that Pat has discovered a passion for learning and inplementing new and natural methods for taking care of farms and livestock.

“Nature has no sense of unfair play, she is ever true, ever serious, and the errors and misconceptions are always mans.”

Pat Coleby is Australia’s expert on natural health for animals, and has many years of practical experience to her credit.

Each year, she has give numerous talks to farming and landcare groups around Australia on natural farming techniques for both land and livestock.
Pat is also a consultant in all aspects of livestock and farming, and works with vets and interested parties in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the United Kingdom. Prior to moving to Australia, Pat worked on farms, commercial market gardens, with horses and later in the racing industry.

Pat is also an author of a range of books on natural farming. Her books alone have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to take the natural approach.

You can read about some of her books below. Unique to Farming Secrets is her Film “A Woman of Genius


Pat Coleby – A Woman of Genius

After a long association with Pat Coleby, Farming Secrets were very fortunate to be invited to Pat’s farm to film. This unique Film opens with a rare look at Pat talking about her life. It includes an interview with Pat around her kitchen table and follows with shots of Pat addressing a group of farmers. The Film concludes with Pat talking about her various books.

In the Film “A woman of genius”, Pat Coleby discusses the different vitamins and minerals such as seaweed and vitamin C that she has used throughout her life. She elaborates on the different mixtures that she has applied to supress diseases such as cancer and respitory problems as well as numerous other animal diseases.

Book – Pat Coleby – Natural Farming

A rewritten and updated version of Natural Farming and Land Care, 1st pub. 1999 Natural Farming carries a simple but widely overlooked message: healthy soil makes healthy plants, which in turn make healthy animals and healthy people.

The book explores the consequences in the soil of applications of superphosphate and other artificial fertilisers over decades, and explains soil chemistry in terms that every farmer can understand. It describes the exact role of each mineral and vitamin, both in the soil and in the body. And it explains how to prevent expensive disease outbreaks and minimise the use of costly artificial sprays and fertilisers.

Book – Pat Coleby – Natural Horse Care

This is the guide to caring for your horse, effectively and naturally. Whether you own one horse, or look after dozens, Natural Horse Care tells you everything you need to know to keep them in excellent health.

The vital roles of correct feed rations, vitamins and minerals in the health of a horse are fully explained; and practical guidance is given on topics such as selecting the right food for your horse, treating ailments with natural remedies, dealing with recovery from injury, and combating equine flu.

If you are a trainer, a breeder, or a horsekeeper of any kind you will benefit enormously from Pat Coleby’s fifty years of experience working with horses in the UK and Australia – and all for much less than the cost of a single visit to the vet.


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