ABOUT Rob Fenton

Company: National Environment Centre (NEC)
Mentorship Topic: Practical Sustainable Farming

Who is Rob Fenton?

Rob Fenton is based at the National Environment Centre (NEC), a specialist campus of the Riverina Institute of TAFE, Albury where he is the headteacher of a diploma offered by the TAFE.

The National Environmental Centre (NEC) is a unique educational facility set on a 182-hectare organic farm which Rob has designed specifically as an educational resource. The NEC provides programs in environmental science and sustainable agriculture and uses leading-edge environmental management techniques and activities to provide high-quality training to Advanced Diploma level in a number of areas like waste and water management, natural resource management, agriculture, bushland regeneration, outdoor recreation, permaculture, GIS and organic farming.

Rob Fenton – Mastermind of National Environmental Centre

Rob, who has taught practical sustainable farming courses for 25 years, presents an overview of the certified organic property at the NEC.
In this presentation Rob includes major areas of the farm system:
– Land Management and Usage
– What is grown and why the diversity
– How to measure and conserve the energy used in the system
Making the most of water with:
• leaky dams,
• the use of keyline and pattern ploughing,
• maintaining ground cover
• increasing carbon matter through cell grazing
Marketing the produce and maximizing returns
Reducing stress through applying the organic principles of healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals.
The importance of thinking outside the square.


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