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Mentorship Topic: Regenerative Farming

Who is Dr Elaine Ingham?

Dr Elaine Ingham is an energetic, easy-to-understand speaker who explains what life in the soil is all about. Behind this “user-friendly” approach lies a wealth of knowledge gained from years of intensive research into the organisms which make up the soil foodweb.

Elaine not only understands the soil foodweb, she has knowledge on how to ensure a healthy foodweb to promote plant growth and reduce reliance on inorganic chemicals.

While truly an academic, Elaine is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and research findings with those at the grass roots level of working with soils. That includes not just farmers who grow crops, but also those who graze cattle, sheep and other livestock, fruit and vegetable growers, green keepers, parks and gardens workers, nursery operators – in fact anyone who grows things, even if it’s just plain old lawn grass.Elaine offers a way forward for sustainable farming. A way of improving the soils we work with now and a way to keep soils in this healthier state without damaging any other eco-system.

Attendance at Elaine’s courses is always very high with a broad cross section of people taking advantage of her knowledge sharing. It is exciting that a speaker with such a depth of knowledge and dynamic presentation style, who is respected the world over as a leader in research of the soil foodweb, is sharing this information with.

There are lots of other courses regarding the soil and compost/compost tea making Film with Dr Elaine Ingham

Soil Food Web Course Online

If you’re serious in building a healthier soil so that you can reduce inputs and grow healthier plants for you and your animals then this is for you. Includes 6 Modules based Based On The Recording Of The 2 Day Workshop Of “Critical Invisible Soil Fertility Solutions Revealed” Presented By Dr Elaine Ingham. With 12 Recorded Live Q&A Sessions and more bonuses!

Microscope Intensive Course Online

Once you understand soil and how it functions you can do your own tests under the microscope. Why spend money and wait for lab results to make sure that you have the right biology present in the soil when you can learn to identify these ‘critters’ yourself instantly

Critical Invisible Soil Fertility Solutions Revealed Film

Dr Elaine Ingham is highly recommended to any farmer who wants to develop and fully understand how to get healthy, living soils. Do you want to increase the viability of your farm dramatically? Then buy the Film set and sit in the comfort of your own home and watch and listen as Elaine explains and demonstrates.

Dairy Farmers Discover The Unexpected Profits & Extra Benefits Fast Track Film

This Film is all about compost and the unintended results from getting the soil biology going. Can farming really be as simple as this?
Appearing on this Film:
Dr. Elaine Ingham (SFI & Rodale institute), Tony Evans & Nick Routson (Camperdown Compost), Tom Walsh (Timboon Vet), Dairy farmers Andrew and Linda Whiting, Tim McGlade, Graham Clay, Reggie and Geoff Davis.

True Fertility Compost & Compost Tea Workshop Film

“True Fertility Compost and Compost Tea Workshops” is both a presentation and Q & A session. It is full of comprehensive advice for all practitioners and “would-be” practitioners of the art of compost and compost tea making. It is a full and faithful filming of both days including whiteboard illustrations and slides as used by Elaine. This Film set is a basic and essential tool and is highly recommended for every grower. Note: Does not include Manuals or Power Points.

Compost & Compost Tea Revision Day 2008 Film

“Revision Day 2008” has past attendees sharing, questioning and deepening their knowledge from practical experiences learnt since applying the skills from previous attendance in past years at the “True Fertility Workshop – Combining Soil Biology, Chemistry and Structure”. It was a great opportunity to get in depth answers on the spot from Elaine. This day was a first and at the end it was voted a winner! So it is back again

Compost – Just do it! Film

World leader in practical, farm friendly, soil microbiology. Established 12 Soil Foodweb (SFI) laboratories worldwide. Now millions of acres being farmed under her system. Listen as she talks to 270 keen farmers who gathered to hear her principles. It is these principles that had the local farmers slash input costs by over 50%, increase production, pasture and animal health. The take home message was COMPOST to get the soil life going.

What is Compost Tea? CD

This interview is a follow up on “What Is Compost?” Topics covered include: The Benefits of Compost Tea, 5 Essentials that Must be correct, Equipment, Common problems, Results. It is a really great interview and well worth it for anyone who is involved or puzzled about making compost tea. “What Is Compost Tea?”: What Factors Are Involved in Making Good ConnpostTea? Good Compost (Innoculum, Nutrients), Aeration, Extraction (Machine), Temperature, Foods, Water— pH, no chlorine, CLEANING! Leave no residues on any equipment, Timing —TEST!

What is Compost? CD

We initiated this interview after finding out on our travels that all compost definitely ain’t compost. It is a really great interview and well worth listening too given the ground that gets covered, especially for anyone who is puzzled about making compost like:
Why is temperature important? How often should It be checked? If I’ve messed it up, can an anaerobic pile be saved’ How do you make a more fungal dominated compost, How do you make chicken manure safe> Should you add e.g. rock phosphate to your compost?

How To Make Organic Compost Film

Watch as Dr. Elaine Ingham, one of the worlds foremost authority in microbiology and soils, reveals the secrets to making organic compost scientifically and simply!
Discover as Dr. Elaine Ingham reveals the methods, materials and equipment required to make the highest quality compost for ALL Gardeners and Growers!


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