Camperdown Dairy farmers get great results from Compost Part 3 of 4

Tony Evans, Camperdown Compost is with Dr. Elaine Ingham to visit Graham Clay. Graham joined an onfarm thermal composting programme in 2010.
As more compost is added over the years Elaine says he will use less and less salt based fertilisers.
All the nutrients are present in the soil and are increasingly released as the health returns to the soil food web.
Graham says it is eye-opening to see the clover naturally return and the rye grass disappear.

To watch the whole story when Dr Elaine Ingham visits 3 more dairy farmers on the programme there is a Film “Dairy Farmers Discover The Unexpected Profits & Extra Benefits From Composting Dairy Effluent” This Film is available immediately at:
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It is an excellent overview of the composting programme and the problems and savings the farmers have made.

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