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Mentorship Topic: Regenerative Farming

Who are Ian and Dianne Haggerty?

Ian and Dianne Haggerty, cropping farmers in Western Australia, know the importance of their soils “Improving biological activity in the soil helps to build rich top soils, but this can’t be done when high analysis fertilizers like N and P are being used.”

Ian Haggerty says that abandoning traditional farming practices and moving into biological farming requires a careful transition period. “Because soil function has been impaired by chemicals it needs a gradual integration of biological farming practices,” Ian Haggerty said.

The Haggerty’s have successfully improved soils on degraded farms bringing them back to life.

Unique to Farming Secrets is their Film “Cropping Farmers Reveal How To Return Good Profits From Marginal

Cropping Farmers Reveal How To Return Good Profits From Marginal Soil & Low Rainfall

“Cropping Farmers Reveal How To Return Good Profits From Marginal Soil And Low Rainfall” – Ian & Dianne Haggerty (1 Film approx 120 mins) Ian & Dianne Haggerty buy farms with marginal soils and erratic rainfalls but consistently improve the and out perform the district yields. Using common sense, and learning about how the soil biology works, the Haggerty’s have reduced the use of weedicides and increased soil health. They look forward to sharing their knowledge with you.
Biological Farming

Can You Grow Crops In Sand?

www.farmingsecrets.com Exciting update from Dianne Haggerty, Western Australian cropping farmer who tells Helen her latest results of growing in sand! Dianne and her husband, Ian

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