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Who is Tim Marshall?

Tim Marshall is the author of the best selling compost book, Compost: the ultimate organic guide to recycling your garden, and three other books, Bug, Weed and The New Organic Gardener. Tim has visited over 1,000 certified organic farms in Australia and more than 1,500 certified organic farms in 25 other countries. Peter Cundall says: ‘Tim Marshall has long been a legend in Australia as an outstanding communicator, writer and broadcaster, specialising in organic techniques’. Here are some of the articles that we have with Tim Marshall:

Dr Christine Jones – Meeting the Challenge for Change

This extraordinary conference which was organised by Dr Christine Jones resulted in a very exciting 2 days for all who attended. Christine is a passionate spokesperson for restoring our soils and is very keen to bring that message to all of us – farmers and city folk alike. The future of the Australian nation depends on healthy soils.

So how could each of us be living in the future for the benefit of all?

Find out as you hear from the 5 chosen presenters and 4 GAIA Award winners of 2011

The presenters were all chosen to deliver a strong message for fundamental redesign to restore life and vitality to agricultural soils, improve landscape resilience and better community and catchment health – for both present and future generations.


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