GM Canola growing in outer suburb of Melbourne!

Last week Hugo and I attended a nearby community meeting concerning

a local farmer, Marshall Bailleau growing canola near a suburban area.

The 60 or so people who were there were all there because of their

concern regarding how his crop was going to affect them.

Marshall’s argument was that he was doing the community a service by growing GM canola

because he could stop using deadly weedicides – which he said were more

harmful than Roundup which was perfectly safe and did not harm

the environment. He added that the bees loved visiting his canola too.

He then pointed out how much research he had done prior to planting

the GM crop – he had read the OGTR all 212 pages of it, and in particular pointed out

that GM canola was safe to human health. He also referred

to the Vic Govt report headed by Sir Gus Nossal which found GM to be

of benefit to the environment. Lastly to add his final blow he left copies

of the Vic Govt media release which promised that GM canola would be

kept separate from other grains and that consumers would be able to

choose GM or nonGM because it would be labelled.

He also said that his growing GM canola would not affect anyone else

because there were no cases where GM canola had escaped!

Hugo and I were shaking our heads by this time. I have to say that

I did get up in particular to express my opinion regarding Monsanto’s

corporate strategy to make the farmers pawns in their hands. Also

to state that many farmers are not finding any need to use any chemicals

to get rid of weeds. I also asked if he was aware that the French farmers

had discovered that Roundup was harmful to the environment as it

was escaping into the nearby waterways. Due to this fact Monsanto are

forbidden by law to advertise that it is non residual. His response

was that the Roundup used here was different!

The evening concluded with 2 votes: 1. To recommend that the 2

neighbouring shires be GM Free and 2. That any person or business

affected by the growing of GM be compensated. both votes passed

almost unanimously.

The thing that amazed us most that Marshall had the courage to come to

a local meeting but was so out of touch with his community. He seemed to

have no sense of anything being awry. Does he realise that believing that

Monsanto is better for the farmers is akin to believing that the fox will

look after the chickens?!

What do you think?

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8 Responses

  1. I find it difficult to comprehend that someone can be so ill informed and ignorant of the dangers of GMOs. In the words of Dr David Suzuki, “Anyone who says GMOs are safe are either, ignorant, extremely naive, or have a vested interest in perpetuating the deception.”

    At present Australian farmers are a long way out in front of others countries that have contaminated their crops with GMOs; but we are on the verge of joining these other foolish countries.

    It is ludicrous to suggest that GMOs can coexist with conventional or organic crops – it’s like wanting to be a little bit pregnant. Having owned and operated a seed cleaning business in the 1960s through to the late 1970s, I know it is near impossible to completely clean seed cleaning equipment. I have little doubt that it is a deliberate act to contaminate the seed supply with GMOs, thereby opening the flood gates.

    Just because GMOs are in USA, doesn’t mean we have to follow their corrupted system. The patenting process of GMOs has a stench of deceit and corruption. Just watch what happens in USA during the next year. Their financial, health and food systems are about to fold like a deck of cards dropped into the toaster. A nation / community is only as good as its food supply. Look at their rapid rise in food allergies, 50% from 1997 to 2002, since GMOs were clandestinely released in USA. Over 2 million in jail, mass shooting by individuals on psych drugs, obesity, etc – not an exemplary record to boast about! Morgellons Disease is also suspected to be linked to GMOs.

    In the 25 years from 1975 to 2000, non-GM soybean seed prices rose a modest 63%. Since 2000, the price of GM soybean seed rose by a whopping 230%. Farmers buying R R 2 soybean seed in 2010 will pay 42% more per bag than they paid in 2009.

    The recent release of the figures that indicates a rapid escalation in chemical usage makes an absolute mockery of the argument that GMOs reduce chemical usage.

    South African farmers suffered millions of dollars in lost income when 82,000 hectares of genetically-manipulated corn failed abysmally. The plants look lush and healthy from the outside but failed to produce kernels. These farmers could ill afford this devastating loss.

    Many thousands of India GM cotton farmers are committing suicide because their Bt cotton crops failed and they are not able to repay the loans taken out to buy the seeds of deception.

    Is the consumer crying out for GMO food? – absolutely not so; the well informed consumer is steering well clear of them for good reason – they are not safe.

    Someone at some stage thought it was a good idea to let some rabbits run riot across the rural range, then the fox was set free to steal fowl, lambs and native fauna. Additionally, starlings, minors, cane toads, blackberries, etc, etc came out way. Now we can add GMOs to that list of critters or scourges that we were told were good for Australia – absolutely disgraceful and totally irresponsible.

    GMOs are dependent on a totally unsustainable production system. No combination of alternative fuels or systems for using them will allow farmers to continue using this high input, noxious chemical method of producing food/fibre crops. GMOs are unsafe, unsustainable, unnecessary and are undoubtedly obsolete.

    To be dependent on GMOs with such a narrow varietal base for food production is an invitation to a famine of catastrophic and unprecedented proportions.

    All food containing any ingredient derived from GMOs must be labelled, “Contains GMO”. Ideally including the following statement. “The GMO in this product was developed with the aid of a virus/s, bacteria and grown with the aid of toxic chemicals. GMOs have never been independently proven to be safe to grow or consume”.

    Instead of peddling false hope with GMOs, there are a multitude of reasons scientists and agronomists must make a concerted effort on lowering food and fibre production inputs and eliminating the dependence on toxic chemicals and the ridiculous notion of using GMOs. There are safe alternatives that actually enhance the soil, sequester carbon and are environmentally friendly – just ask Helen and Hugo.

    It is widely acknowledged that toxic chemicals used at any stage in food production, seriously compromise soil biology, beneficial birds, bats and insects and have a detrimental impact on individuals health.

  2. As a NON-Farmer, (that is, without a plot to sow in) I think people with a responsibility for our food security need to be educated on Organic production like our forefathers.
    To often nowadays’ farmers follow the money only!
    (That is… Monsanto’s promises)

  3. Well said Gavin!
    Until that real knowledge penetrates mainstream the general public will happily follow its path towards mass starvation and illness. Only when such revolting trend is fully exposed to consumers can legal actions start taking place especially in labeling all GMO presence; when the public leaves it on the shelves the farmers will then and only then start smarting up; never mind the knowledge is there to rehabilitate farming it is the mighty dollar that will decide. Meanwhile mainstream media is not touching the subject with a ten foot pole; that is what needs to change before it is too late!

  4. As much as some of us oppose GM canola we have to realise that is is
    a legal crop and there is no law that says it cant be the choice of a farmer
    to grow it.Home gardeners would not like to be told what to grow in their we still live in a democratic country.

    1. Hi Bill, Unfortunately you are absolutely right. However it is just as unfortunate that allowing GM crops in Victoria and New South Wales removes the choice for all others in the vicinity of these crops to remain GM free. Our opinion is that democratic rights have been distorted with this law.

  5. I truly believe the time has come for greed, ego, and ignorance to be addressed spiritually. By this I mean:

    For all the people who support Monsanto and any organisation who recklessly and egotistically destroys SOLUM (the soil). You need to look into this matter deeply because when there is a natural disaster you will be implicated in it. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know. There are illnesses out there that will trace themselves back to you and your families. It is called karma and it is high time for these sad people to try to make amends. I personally wish you enligtenment because to be angry at you is but a mistake. I behold your awareness of the truth as the perfect creation of Divine Bounty now. I ask Kali to deal with you kindly. The rest is up to you dear Marshall, dig deep into your soul and ask if you really think chemicals are good.

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