A fire a day keeps bushfires away!

Prior to 1788 aborigines skilfully used fires for ecological benefit. Now fires have become devastating killers due to this lack of management.
Fire was a major tool of Aboriginal land management.

Bill Gammage is one of the Key Note Speakers in the recent
8th Stipa National Native Grasslands Conference.

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  1. Have you heard what modern day archeologist are finding out about the Australian Flora prior to Aboriginal migration into Australia? It was full of dense bushlands and more like a rain forest, even in the red dirt country. Why now do we have so much arid land and an ecology that relies on fire to germinate? Because the Aboriginal fires and the bush fires that followed have wiped out all other species that couldn’t survive the flames. There are certain parts of the Kimberley that still retain some of these species that were once feared extinct. We need to re-introduce these back into the wider Australian ecology to recreate the diversity that once was and remove the need for fires and back burning. If we have a more dense undergrowth in the bush, these plants will use the broken down organic matter that we currently call “fuel”. This will create a shaded, moist soil, rich in plant materials and micro-organisms that will create the waste-nutrient cycle.

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