Cover Crops and Crop Diversity

Soil quality, also referred to as soil health, is defined as how well soil does what we want it to do. Healthy soil gives us clean air and water, bountiful crops and forests, productive grazing lands, diverse wildlife, and beautiful landscapes.

Tip #5. Are you increasing your soil carbon levels?

We explain how to increase your soil carbon levels
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  1. Extremely superb presentation of facts on Soil Quality Improvement and Maintenance. The findings are universally applicable and worthy of adoption. In this context, the definition of SOIL as the Source Of Infinite Life becomes practical and meaningful. Congratulations to those who produced this excellent and educative video. Prof. Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy, Organic Farmer, India.

  2. This deserves to be shown to every gathering of farmers and agronomists. Powerful and well produced. Using Biology to put the chemistry right. Reducing heat stress, moisture loss and erosion while storing carbon in the soil.

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