The Role of Weeds & Why They Grow

This is a great example of Ron’s thoughtful way of farming after 20 years of farming organically.

This is a clip from the Fast Track Your Farming Film: “Ron & Bev Smith – Restoring the Balance to Soil, Plant, Animal and Man”. Ron & Bev realise that many farmers are in strife with lower fertility rates, poor compacted soils and lowered production and yields. They know that this can all be reversed quickly by farmers understanding the balance that they have achieved. They are passionate to help as many farmers as they can and to share the skills and insights they possess in order to farming in tune with nature.

About this ‘Fast Track Your Farming’ Film:
At the beginning Ron was like any other conventional farmer using an array of chemical fertilisers until they took toll on his health. How lucky he was as this challenge to his health forced him to seek ways to farm without relying on the accepted practice of relying on chemicals. Ron and Bev now have great pleasure with their healthy farming lifestyle. Over the years they have discovered many simple yet effective ways to maintain and sustain their farm economically and productively. Focusing on restoring the balance to the soil flowed through naturally to benefit the animals, the plants and indeed themselves and their family.

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The Role of Weeds & Why They Grow

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