Growing Yam Daisies – Australia’s Earliest Agriculture?


So, Thomas Mitchell, who wasn’t a born liar. He was one of the most intelligent men in the country at that time who wasn’t black. Slipped that one in, yeah. But, Mitchell, when he was at Gariwerd, the Grampians, and looking west, that colour yellow stretched to the horizon. It was all yam daisy, it was all orchids, and it was all bulbine lily, and it all grew through moss, and coming through the moss as well was kangaroo grass. There was a system of agriculture and it went to the horizon. It crossed four or five language boundaries and all of those people cooperated in its harvest and in its protection. It was a massive system and the cultural protocols and the political science that was involved in maintaining that law and order of the crop was just amazing, and we need to return to those old principles because those old principles created a continent where there was no war for land. Everyone stayed by their country, which is why Grattan’s family will be found all through their country, because they haven’t gone anywhere. They’ve stayed on country.

This is important, really important. There was never a land war in Australia.


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