Have you heard of “Herdshare”? Spread the word!

Support for dairy farmers and all raw milk seekers!

Yesterday I received news of this wonderful initiative!

Raw Milk Herd Share
which is in the process of creating a site that will enable
farmers and their share holders to set-up and manage
their herd share agreements and operations.

What is a herd share?

Consumers pay a farmer a fee for boarding their cow,
(or share of a cow), caring for the cow and milking the
cow. The cow share owner then obtains (but does not
purchase) the milk from his/her own cow.
This arrangement is similar to arrangements of owning
a share in a crop, racehorse or a bull.

For more information go to:


Great news! It is a win-win  for all us raw milk seekers as
well all you dairy farmers.

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  1. Hi has anything happened with this? I would be interested in buying a share but the website seems to not be working.

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