Homa Therapy and Agnihotra Workshop

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Homa Therapy 2There will be an Agnihotra workshop held in Croydon, Vic on Sat May the 4th, followed by a Homa Therapy workshop on May the 5th. The Agnihotra workshop covers the most important aspect of Homa Therapy which is the correct performance of Agnihotra. Agnihotra is so marvelous, I lack words to describe its multitude of benefits from physical healing to spiritual awakenning, from organic farming tool to planetary healing. The Homa Therapy workshop on Sunday the 5th witt cover the other main Homas in Homa Therapy, namely Vyahruti and Om Tryambakam Noma, as well as each person assisted in performing their own Agnihotra, creating a powerful group Agnihotra, sending healing out to Melbourne. The prerequisite for attending the Homa Therapy workshop on Sun the 5th is to have attended the Agnihotra workshop on the Saturday the 4th.

RSVP your attendance to taniakav@hotmail.com  Enquiries may be directed to Lee and Frits Ringma at omshreedham@agnihotra.com.au or phone 02 49981332 or from May 2-14th 0418643489

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