Latest interview with Peter Andrews about Natural Sequence Farming

Peter Andrews with Phil Shoemark

Peter Andrews with Phil Shoemark


Today, we listen to Viv Benton’s interview with Peter Andrews OAM. and his discussion about how he developed Natural Sequence Farming (NSF).

Viv asks some great questions of Peter to find out more about how he developed Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) which he developed through observation and practice in order to achieve sustainable farming practices.

His interview lasts about 20 minutes and offers insights for us on how we can apply NSF in our own practice.

Photo: Peter recently visited Phil Shoemark on his property out of Braidwood. Farming Secrets went along to film Peter who we asked to show us how he assesses where to start on a property for the purpose of rehydration.

Farming Secrets thank Viv for providing the interview to us which was originally on

How privileged are we?



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2 Responses

  1. Peter has opened my eyes to understand the problem and the inexpensive solutions deliberately being prevented by the politicians and negative industries and stifled by the highjacking of science and debate by the universities and the international globalist media hiding behind consensus thinking.

    1. We agree with your comments. The farmers who do make a change to regenerative farming usually do so because the conventional farming approach has failed them.

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