Measuring paramagnetic energy – Handy Tips from Ron and Bev Smith

Ron and Bev Smith share one of their tips learned from years of
experience running a biodynamic dairy farm.
Ron shows us how he uses his kit to measure the energy
of his rock dust. He describes how Phil Callahan’s book
‘Paramagnetism’ exposes the value of knowing the value of
this energy. Phil’s other books: “Tuning in to Nature” and
“Nature’s Silent Music” circles the world, and tells the
story of birds and insects as exquisite magnetic antennae.

Ron and Bev are co-founders of ‘True Organic’ co-op.
They now run small classes for farm tours and also for cooking.

Ron and Bev can be contacted at:

Also available is their 2 Film set with phone consult:
Restoring the Balance to Soil, Plant, Animal, and Man

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The Soil Learning Center is a hub of resources for farmers & growers who are on the regenerative journey. A platform created by soil lovers at Farming Secrets Media Group.

The goal of Soil Learning Center is just that: creating a central online space bringing together resources, education, content and inspiration, to better your growing practices, boost profits and product quality with an emphasis on sustainability and promote freedom from climate change.

For today’s modern farmers, you can’t afford to not know about regenerative farming and how these practices can help you succeed. 

We’ll also discuss successful stories from other farmers and growers who have found their unique solutions using nature’s tools with this new form of agriculture. 

Tip #5. Are you increasing your soil carbon levels?

We explain how to increase your soil carbon levels
PLUS see the full 10 Tips in this Guide!

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