Green Pastures Movement Dairy Farmers: Meet The Boyd Family


The Boyd Family learn the biological way of farming through making their own compost resulting in:
Better root structures,
better grasses for the cows,
better milk,
better for you.

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Dr Elaine Ingham – Compost – Just do it!
World leader in practical, farm friendly, soil microbiology. Established 12 Soil Foodweb (SFI) laboratories worldwide. Now millions of acres being farmed under her system. Listen as she talks to 270 keen farmers who gathered to hear her principles. It is these principles that had the local farmers slash input costs by over 50%, increase production, pasture and animal health.

The take home message was COMPOST to get the soil life going.Introduction by Tony Evans from Camperdown Compost who makes compost onfarm with dairy farmersand is part of the Green Pastures Movement.
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Dr. Elaine Ingham – Dairy Farmers Discover The Unexpected Profits & Extra Benefits
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Hear Elaine talking to 3 of the farmers from the Green Pastures Movement.

Appearing on this Film:
Dr. Elaine Ingham (SFI & Rodale institute), Tony Evans & Nick Routson (Camperdown Compost), Tom Walsh (Timboon Vet), Dairy farmers Andrew and Linda Whiting, Tim McGlade, Graham Clay, Reggie and Geoff Davis.



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One Response

  1. Congratulations on banding together to get a better deal for dairy
    farmers. Love your “96% fat free” idea! I buy Green Pastures milk
    whenever it’s available since I saw an ad in, I think ‘That’s Life’
    magazine. Good on you for having a go. Farmers have not been getting a
    fair go from the big supermarkets I know. So I’m glad your families
    are, and more power to your arm. Christmas Blessings to you all as well

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