ABOUT Graeme Hand

Company: Stipa Native Grasses Association
Mentorship Topic: Holistic Management

Who is Graeme Hand?

Graeme Hand is a Holistic Management Certified Educator.

Graeme was taught by Alan Savory and learnt much through observing and through his own experience on his farm and other people’s farms. Graeme invites you to join Stipa Native Grasses Association.
Also Graeme is the president of  Stipa Native Grasses Association and is available as a consultant.

Unique to Farming Secrets is his Film “Living Soils – Nutrisoil Open Day 2011”, “STIPA’s 6th National Native Grasslands Conference” and “Stipa National Conference 2011: – Managing Native Grasslands for Soil and animal Heath

Living Soils – Nutrisoil Open Day 2011

Presentations from Dr Christine Jones, Nicole Masters & Graeme Hand.

Comments from attendees:
– Rewarding & informative.
– Too much to take in in 1 day
– Graeme Hand’s grazing management talk very useful, especially how long he suggests rest periods ie. 150 days
– Liquid carbon pathway through microbial bridge particularly interesting. Why aren’t we all doing it?
– Changed our pasture management since the day.
– Another “not to be missed” Open Day
– I have been studying the biological approach for the last 18 years and been implementing. Still picking up tips from your speakers

STIPA’s 6th National Native Grasslands: “Holistic Management Amazing Results”

The speakers at this conference make a living from their decisions relating to various native pasture management regimes in their various enterprises.

Film 1: THE IMPORTANCE OF MANAGEMENT Graeme Hand, Branxholme, Victoria

Graeme’s property, small beef (200 ha) was purchased in 2001 and had previously been cropped or “pasture improved”. The majority of the property was capeweed, onion grass, bare ground and thistles with some areas of ryegrass and phalaris. Using the Holistic Management® framework and Planned grazing™ the property now has significant areas of native grasses as well as introduced perennial grasses. A simple explanation of this management is provided.

STIPA’s 7th National Native Grasslands Conference – 3 Days

This special pack combines 2 Film Sets:
Stipa National Conference 2011 – Managing Native Grasslands for Soil and Animal Health
Dr. Fred Provenza – Animal Nutritional Wisdom and Feeding Behaviour
Includes Farm Walk to one of Australia’s leading cattle propertiesAre your curious to extend what you are doing?– Have you heard about STIPA Native Grasses Association?
– What about Pasture Cropping?
– Holistic Management?
– Wisdom of Animals in Feeding and Behaviour?
– Stress Free Animal Handling?
– The Role of Animals in Pasture Biodiversity?
– Experiences of Innovative Farmers?
– The value of 100s of Australian plants for macro, micro and extra-nutrients?
– Building Carbon with Ease

Stipa 8th Native Grasslands National Conference: “No more sowing seeds with Native Grasses”

Landscape function and grassland condition are important indicators of the health of a landscape and its capability to retain water and nutrient re-serves and respond vigorously to good growing conditions. Being able to accurately and quickly assess function and condition enables land managers to improve plant and animal performance at low cost and risk and reduces vulnerability to difficult conditions.

These conference Films will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Lower your farming risk.
  • Keep more money over time in your business.
  • Increase biodiversity on your farm.
  • Improve your soil health
  • Determine what regeneration technique will work for you.

How do you manage weeds?

One of the biggest challenges farmers face while transitioning to regenerative agriculture is weed management. Watch this video as Graeme Hand shares how he manages

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