Native Perennial Pastures and Strategic Grazing in Holbrook

We just posted the Weekly Time News of Anna & Michael Coughlan on how they able to manage 1000’s of hectares and keep their grazing costs to a minimum due to knowing how to manage their cattle and realising the value of native pastures. Here’s Anna with Graeme Hand, CEO Stipa Native Grasses Association at the 7th Stipa conference held in November.

Stipa Conference attendees took time out to visit the Coughlan’s farm as it is a stand out example of good farming.

Anna says that it’s all because of native perennial pastures and strategic grazing that they are now farm stress-free.
When they realised the lack of control and uncertain future that they had when cropping they stopped and turned to cattle.
They learnt that the more paddocks they had allowed longer rest periods and so the more bomb-proof the enterprise becomes.

This clip is just a tiny slice from 3 days of brilliant presenters.
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