ABOUT Tony Evans

Company: Camperdown Compost
Mentorship Topic: Farm Composting Solutions

Who is Tony Evans?

Camperdown Compost began 13 years ago when Tony Evans and his business partner Nick Routson sought a way to utilise local dairy waste.

They set up a licensed facility to take organic waste streams from a couple of different dairy factories. That material was then initially used for worms and producing worm castings. And it sort of evolved into a compost site where we still use some worms, but predominantly it’s for composting now.

And then they met Elaine Ingham in about 1999 or thereabouts and started to then put together how they could best utilise the waste in an agricultural system.

Today Camperdown Compost is working closely with over 70 dairy farmers going onfarm with their compost turners and converting the waste to valuable organic matter.

Website: www.camperdowncompost.com.au

Dr. Elaine Ingham – Dairy Farmers Discover The Unexpected Profits & Extra Benefits

This Film is all about compost and the unintended results from getting the soil biology going. Can farming really be as simple as this?

Appearing on this Film:
Dr. Elaine Ingham (SFI & Rodale institute), Tony Evans & Nick Routson (Camperdown Compost), Tom Walsh (Timboon Vet), Dairy farmers Andrew and Linda Whiting, Tim McGlade, Graham Clay, Reggie and Geoff Davis.

Dr Elaine Ingham – Compost – Just do it!

World leader in practical, farm friendly, soil microbiology. Established 12 Soil Foodweb (SFI) laboratories worldwide. Now millions of acres being farmed under her system. Listen as she talks to 270 keen farmers who gathered to hear her principles. It is these principles that had the local farmers slash input costs by over 50%, increase production, pasture and animal health. The take home message was COMPOST to get the soil life going.

Can farming be so simple?

Introduction by Tony Evans who makes compost onfarm with dairy farmers.

ABC Landline – Biological Farming features Tony Evans, Camperdown Compost

I think the price shock of 2008 really brought that message home starkly to a lot of farmers. When the price of oil went up, the price of fertilisers went up and I think the future then became writ large for a lot of producers when they thought, “OK, well if this is what’s going to happen to fertiliser prices in the future, am I going to be able to respond, am I going to be able to maintain profitability in the face of this or is there a better way to farm?”

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