Plug the Pipe!

On our drive up north we saw lots of protest banners on the way but this one took the prize!
Politicians certainly aren’t welcome here!

Whilst water is an important resource we do not feel as though our government has done
enough research to find alternatives.

What do you think? Please post your comments.

Plug the Pipe

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2 Responses

  1. I love the sculptural comment….i think the government should look to the work of PA Yeomans for a solution, using keyline based dry gully dams farmers could store most of the water they need on their own land, becoming more independant from government allocations.

  2. Well I can only agree with the senitments expressed very cleverly in this wonderful creation. Being from South Australia, I am also not impressed with any attempts to take further water from the Murray Basin System. The cities – Melbourne and Adelaide, should exercise greater restraint in their water usage, make better use of stormwater, and leave the Murray be. It is disgraceful to think that anyone would be happy to steal water from the Goulburn region simply to supply a city which has higher rainfall and better capacity to harvest that water in their own backyard, than the people of the Goulburn Valley region. The SA government is just as stupid, attempting to solve the problem of Adelaide’s lack of water by commissioning a desalination plant which will wreak havoc with the waters of the St Vincent Gulf, putting in jeopardy the viability of many marine systems and communities.
    Keep fighting and let the politicians know that we don’t accept last minute madness after non-action for decades. this country needs to come to terms with it’s climate and lack of rain, we need to act as if we live in Australia, not some high rainfall region of Europe. Use native plants in our gardens, practice sustainable agriculture in our productive fertile regions,and promote sustainable ecotourism and carbon credit trading in the rest of the countryside. Only then will we have a future worth looking forward to.

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