Soil Health Focus

An invitation to view pasture growth trial plots under 3 different management strategies.

3 trial plots in progress since April 2014.

Comparison of conventional pasture management, control plot,
and biological pasture management.

Measurements of pasture growth, ground cover, species diversity, compaction levels, soil biology present, Brix meter readings and accumulated dry feed matter values throughout the trial period will be discussed in a brief presentation.

November 1st & 2nd

On Farm
1608 Malmsbury-Daylesford Rd
Enquiries: Lyn 0457182948

Letter from Lyn:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Lyn Kelson and I am a participant in The National Rural Women’s Coalition 2014 e-Leaders program, entitled Women Towards Sustainability.
As part of this program each participant has to nominate an on ground project with an end goal of raising awareness and educating others about environmental sustainability and natural resource management.

I have a particular passion for soil health so the project I initiated was to develop and conduct 3 trial plots on our farm at Drummond, comparing soil health outcomes and fodder production under 3 land management approaches.
The 3 management approaches consist of:
A: conventional management plot
B: control plot
C: biological management plot

On the first weekend of November this year I aim to have a farm open weekend where people interested in land management practices can view the trial plots, and take part in an education session summarising the practices applied to each plot and the results recorded over the trial period.

I am contacting you to request your assistance with helping raise public awareness about the farm open days and the purpose of this activity. Could you please include the attached flyer into any newsletters or public contact forum you may be involved with to reach as many people as possible to help create a dynamic audience for this work.

I am available at your convenience if you would like to discuss any aspect of this request. My contact details are listed below.

Thank you.

Lynette Kelson
1608 Malmsbury Daylesford Rd

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