Steve Davie Set 5 goals for their Farm Planning

The Davie family established 5 goals that were their guide for taking the farm in a new and profitable direction.

Our five goals: To continue our commitment to the environment and to a carbon neutral outcome – that’s a topic for another day. To become price setters, not price takers, for all our produce and products. To increase and improve our communications with our consumer – I’ve covered that a bit as well. The final one is to value add to our produce.

Discussion: We might get 40 cents for an egg. How can we get more for that egg?
The same with a paddock to plate barbeque, instead of selling it just to the butcher or the consumer, can we actually add a little bit more than that, that retail to it as well. …..

So, again – all these little ideas – do not know how economic it will be, don’t know how efficient it will be, but they’re just all these little ideas that we need to try to try and maximize that return that we get from the farm.

This is a clip from “Walk the Talk” with Steve Davie: Resilience Through Diversity filming available for Farming Secrets Members.

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