Steve Groff Claims the Aware Consumer is Your New Boss

It’d be nice if you could get a premium for that. Maybe you can; maybe you can’t. But that’s the kind of thing that we are kind of moving in toward as a society.

One of the leading farm magazines in the U.S. called Successful Farming magazine, in the March issue on the cover was a picture of a lady with two kids and a shopping cart in a store, you could tell she was in a grocery store, the title was “Meet your new boss”. And it was a message to agriculture, with the advent of social media and everything we have now, like it or not, there’s a greater environmental awareness.

I was just two weeks ago, I grow pumpkins for a rather large supermarket chain, and they brought all their growers of all the stuff they grow together, there was like a hundred of us in a room for a whole day. And this is exactly what they were talking about. We have to go through a ranking process, and you could score a maximum of 300 points. If you score higher and higher you get better ranked, so the customer knows if they buy your product where your ranking is. For those who care, that’s great. Some don’t care. But that’s the direction we’re going in. That’s mainly at this point, mainly with things direct market, like vegetables and stuff like that.

This is a clip from “Walk the Talk” with Steve Groff: Cover Cropping filming available for Farming Secrets Members.

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