Still addicted to Chemical Farming in 2020? You need Regen Rehab

Do you ever think about ditching the input chemicals? Does it scare you that it will affect your yields? 

If yes, then now is the right time to explore Regen Rehab!

If you are stuck on your regenerative journey and don’t know where to start, well I have some great news, Farming Secret is here to help with your new beginning and a fresh start.

Deep down you know it’s time to change your old ways. It’s time to invest in yourself and the future of farming operations and our food system. 

See already you are starting to imagine a healthy future for our planet and the emerging generations.

Do yourself a favour and watch this 8.5-minute video below, as I talk about the many farmers I chat to who are addicted to chemical inputs on farms and how now is the perfect time to switch to a regenerative way of farming that will be beneficial to your soil, the biology under your feet, the food you grow, and human health.

If you have not been hiding under a rock you will know that Regenerative agriculture is a hot topic right now. The word pops up everywhere from old-style newspapers to doccos on Netflix. 

Everyone is talking about Regen this and Regen that! I love it to be honest!

I know that when we start to understand how regenerative farming really works, you also realize that this is the way nature designed the system to work so naturally, we as humans need to get out of the way and let the mother nature system do its thing.

Farming Secrets has been working really hard lately to think about what we can do to help more! What can we do to fast-track your success and your learning to regenerative farming to a more natural way, where you don’t need to rely on synthetic or chemical inputs. 

So that is why we have been putting together this Regen Rehab Online Program. It is a new program that farming secrets have been mind mapping over the last couple of months, and now it’s ready!

This is not just a support program but a powerful community of like-minded individuals who are all going through the same regenerative journey, and don’t worry there is no travel involved the Regen Rehab program is all done remotely. 

Side Note: We were thinking of calling it the RRRRRR program – Regen Ray’s Remote Regen Rehab Retreat. Ain’t you glad we didn’t.

I want you to go through this program because I know that moving to regeneratively farming is a mindset change and this is a great solution for us all. 

During your Regen Rehab journey Farming Secrets will be your support as you go through this transformation. Getting experts around the world to come and share their stories to inspire you to think differently.

Come along and do your Regen Rehab program, we’ll go through this journey together to ensure that you set yourself up for success! It doesn’t matter where you are around the world.

If you like to know more about Regen Rehab Program please send me an email to

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