The Advantages of Biodynamic Farming Compared to Conventional Farming

Despite its growing popularity, many people are unaware of what biodynamic farming is and how it works. Biodynamic agriculture is a form of alternative farming that’s based on Rudolf Steiner’s ideas.

While the concepts behind this form of agriculture are diverse and sometimes esoteric, the results are excellent. In short, farmers take the biodynamics of various organisms into account to create a ‘holistic organism’ or farming style that incorporates all that live on the land. 

Farming Secrets has been interested in biodynamic agriculture for over a decade. Check out this recent video from our workshop about biodynamic agriculture:

The Benefits and Mindset of
Biodynamic Farming

We first got together with the wonderful folks from Krinklewood Farm back in 2012. Check out these videos we made with them where we discuss the benefits and mindset of biodynamic farming. 

- Improves Property Value -

Very few people with an interest in biodynamic farms realize how profitable it can be. As you’ve seen in this video, a biodynamic approach increases profit by:

  • Delivering high-quality products that customers love
  • Improving the quality of your soil, thereby improving yields
  • Boosting property valuations through improved land quality

- Cheaper to Maintain -

Most biodynamic farms pay considerably less to maintain their system than they would have with traditional approaches. The reasons for this include:

  • They can produce natural feeds and fertilizer for lower costs than chemical fertilizer
  • Animals receive treatment when necessary, not as a precaution, which saves money
  • A more natural approach to crops and animals removes the unnecessary costs of chemical treatments and poisons

- Less Stress for Crop Plants -

Biodynamic farms have uncovered that plants and animal products produced this way have:

  • Greater resistance to crop pests
  • More adaptability to weather changes
  • Stronger immunity to fungi, thanks to natural treatments

- The Mindset of Biodynamic Farming -

Despite the many advantages of biodynamic farming, it’s not something we can implement by force. Most farmers who take up biodynamics have:

  • A passion for sustainability
  • A desire to maintain the land for future generations
  • A love for natural, alternative forms of agriculture

- Psychological Benefits -

Evidence shows that chemical treatments can have dastardly effects on the psychology of those who apply them. Biodynamic farm workers not exposed to chemical regimes tend to be:

  • Happier 
  • More relaxed
  • More satisfied with their work


Biodynamic agriculture is a shining star in the making.

Farmers who practice biodynamics benefit from:

  • Improved soil quality that leads to higher land valuations
  • Better health thanks to the lack of chemical exposure
  • Stronger plants that can survive more situations naturally
  • A more balanced mindset
  • A calmer psychological state that leaves them with less strain


If you’d like to learn more about other forms of alternative agriculture, you can check out some of our other articles. Articles about organic gardening for beginners and finding natural alternatives to fungicides can help you start your regenerative journey.

We hope you found this article valuable, and if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below.

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