Is Treating The Symptom Rather Than The Cause Successful?

I mean when we look at that issue of treating symptoms, yeah there’s more money in treating symptoms. There’s no doubt about that. But when you look at that model and say, “Has it been successful?” If we look at the current medical machine, we find that the largest killer on the planet as of last month remained heart disease, with cancer a Black Caviar’s nose length behind and the third killer, until a month ago or three months ago actually, was strokes. Stroke’s become number four of the third largest killer is prescription medicine now, and that’s sort of some kind of indictment on a failed … a bankrupt symptom treating system.

If we look at veterinary science, we find that in 1900 dogs lived until 18. The genetic potential of a dog is 23. Perhaps not some of the new hybrids, but generally speaking dogs have lived till that long. We know that’s what they’re capable of and 18 was their time span in 1900. So we bring in veterinary science and by 2000 the average age of a dog is 8. Now you know, that’s an argument about the bankruptcy of a symptom treating system.

And then we look at the agriculture model where, if you have a good look at this and you can Google to check, every year … I call the last 100 years “the chemical experiment” in agriculture, where rather than getting back and saying, “Why have we got a fungal disease?”, it’s not a deficiency of a fungicide. Rather than looking at that link, we’ve treated our symptoms with farm chemicals.

The problem with that model is that every year since we started, and it’s about 10 decades long that experiment, we put more chemicals on, and every year without exception, there’s a global increase in pest and disease pressure. Last year was 14.7% increase which represents hundreds of thousands of tonnes of more chemicals, the previous year 14.2, the year before that 13.7, the year before that 13.3. Every year more and every year less response. Obviously that’s a hiding to nothing. It’s actually the definition of the word unsustainable and so if there’s a better way to look at it, we certainly need to look at that.


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2 Responses

  1. Dear Sirs,
    Don’t know your name, but know that your speak the TRUTH, namely that man-made synthetic chemicals are killing all who live on this planet!
    Furthermore between Governments, the FDA, the Big Pharma’s and the so -called medical profession, worldwide,there all intent on keeping the truth from us poor,ignorant folk in order to make profits

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