Cut the need to drench your cattle using free choice mineral supplements

In this video, Neil Prentice uses free choice mineral supplements to cut out using chemical drenches for his cattle. Listen to how simple it can be.

This is a clip from the Fast Track Your Farming Film: “Stock Supplements – Farmers Reveal Easy Ways To Keep Animals With Self Selected Minerals”. Stock have a natural instinctive ability to identify the minerals they are lacking, so all you need to do is present them with a range of minerals and they will choose what they need.

About this ‘Fast Track Your Farming’ Film:
For many years Hugo Disler has been making farmers aware of mineral stock supplementation for animals. He was an early on advocate of the ‘Pat Coleby lick’ and was one of few retailers in the 1970’s who supplied the basic ingredients for the lick. Animals instinctively know what is best for them, so why not let them choose? Free choice supplementation is, according to Hugo, the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to maximise animal health.

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  1. Neil says that his animals don’t touch the copper but to my understanding the seaweed meal has copper naturally so perhaps this why they do not take it separately as they are getting enough from the seaweed itself, as he did say that he has increased the amount of SEAWEED MEAL. Just a thought as I too have found the same with my horses all bar one Appy mare who does seem to have more worms than the others. cheers Marina. Love Neils Buffet trailer ..will certainly show to my hubby as we are still in the planning stage of making a permanent at lib mineral buffet.

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