What is Visual Soil Assessment? (VSA)

We’re talking about another acronym – the VSA. The VSA is quite simply some magnificent work that’s been done by a soil scientist in New Zealand, Graham Shepherd, and that’s his work.There’s ten years of work that he’s put into that and that is the most powerful tool that you can actually use yourself at any time you want. By knowing what to look for in the soil, you can do your own visual soil assessment and you don’t have to go and get a lab report. When you go through this meticulously, which – we did a two day course with Graham that was about four years ago.

We’ll talk about the VSA, what it does towards a healthy soil, and how big a step it is towards managing a healthy soil. It is a front line tool of soil management, and it allows us to take holistic control of our decisions so that we cannot just focus on chemistry or not just focus on the physical stuff or the biology. Then you can do some back up lab reports if you’ve got the financial wherewithal and you’ve got a crop or a condition that you need to deal with. Now, the property that you’ve got in South Australia may need to have some lab reports done so that you can complement what you’ve seen through the visual soil assessment and the new NPK

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