Which Pesticides are Safe for Children?

Now to move from trees to people and pesticides and this is for me a very important issue. This is actually my second book:
Poisoning Our Children. My first book was called The Myths of Safe Pesticides and I’ll go through some of these myths to debunk the so-called regulatory science around pesticides. But while I was writing that book and researching it, I learnt something that I regard as really important.

There is absolutely no peer-reviewed science on the safety of pesticides for children.
Firstly I discovered there is absolutely no peer-reviewed science on the safety of pesticides for children.And as I further investigated, I actually realized we have hundreds of very good scientific papers that actually show there is no level that is safe. None, zero Is the safe level. You know these so-called small levels are very, very dangerous to children and I will talk more about that soon.

Who Am I?
Okay, first a little bit about my new position. Until last year I was the president of IFOAM now I’m involved in a new organization called Regeneration International and we’re looking at farming systems that, food and farming systems, I’d like to say coz we really believe that we need to reconnect consumers and farmers, connect food and farming instead of having long supply chains, but also we want to look at regenerating stabilizing climate systems.

Regeneration International is actually promoting how farming and organic farming is where we started to promote how that can actually both to mitigate and adapt to climate change by building up soil organic matter. And then the other really important issue for us is the health of the planet, people, communities, culture, locals local economies, democracy particularly the moment with some of our so-called Democratic leaders are getting around the world and I think one thing that wouldn’t hurt the planet at the moment is a bit of peace. This is the book I wrote anyway.


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  1. Thank you FArming Secrets. Andre is great. I have his first book and share the facts in it all the time. It is stunning that most farmers and councils in Australia still say and believe that pesticides are safe as long as label directions are followed.

    1. Yes totally agree! Our council can’t afford their weed bill and are even spraying onion weeh which is the edible and delicious 3 cornered leek!

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